Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Vidon's Trip Planning.

How to survive on the River.

I want to speak with Dolga and Khonnir about a new set of armor. If we are going to be traveling on water I want something that might keep me afloat til someone can get to me. In that respect I think a set of Ironwood armor and shield should do the trick. Also I want to acquire a Spiked Gauntlet and have Spikes added to my shield. It was embarrassing to lose my Axe and not be able to hurt Meyanda. That will never happen again if I can help it.

There is some concern on my part. I am not sure where this party is going. My intention is to go try to find my Brother. However, no one else has said anything about what their intentions are. I know Susie is thinking of returning to Blackpipe and that is my next stop on my journey so we may travel together. I also believe that there was talk of going to Scrapwall to check up on Meyanda’s God. But which direction the rest of the party will take is unknown at present. I believe Harkness is considering going with Susie for a while. I will just have to wait and see what develops as the time of departure draws near. If necessary I will go alone.



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