Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Vidon and Company at the Smilers Den.

Oh what trouble do we find now?

After taking out the group of Pistoleros we searched their rooms and find nothing. We move back to the Barroom to see what we can find. Susie checks out the stash of liquor and finds it unsatisfactory. I concur.

We move to the north door by the bar itself and find a short hallway that turns west after a few feet which leads to another door. What don’t these people ever use beads as doors? Opening the door we find several large tanks with tubes and hoses running to and from the tanks. They look large enough to house a humanoid body. Once we get about halfway through the room some of the tanks start shaking and noises come from inside the tanks. The tanks open and out comes the most hideous creations I have ever seen. They look part man and part machine. It is difficult to control my rage but I manage. There are 8 of them in total and they prove to be as hard to hit and take down as you would imagine. But we manage. Not without getting hurt ourselves in the process. There isn’t that much useful gear in here so we move on.

The next room gives us more worry as there are 4 Zombieish creatures that are again part man part machine. Though these look like they were built to do excavations as one of their arms has a drill attached instead of a hand. Those drills hurt a couple of my compatriots. I took exception to that.

Once we had disposed with them we discovered a door on the south wall. By this time I was extremely upset and just slammed the door open. Imagine my surprise when I see 4 Zombies around the door and the one called Marrow against the far wall. The only way I could see to get to Marrow was to try to Bull Rush the Zombie ahead of me, but before I could do that Marrow cast a spell and paralyzed me. Now no one can get through me and the Zombies move in for the kill. They don’t succeed and Mal returns Marrows use of spells with one of his own as the entire room goes very quiet. Luckily I am shorter than the others so the bow users can shoot over me, but it is still unnerving to have arrows pass so close over your head. The next spell Mal casts removes the Paralysis from me and it is my chance to do what I wanted to. I push the Zombie in front of me back 10 feet. Of course every one of the Zombies gets a chance to hit me but they are like mosquito bites. However, it does open up the way to Marrow and Flynn goes for her. A few minutes later Marrow throws something that explodes but doesn’t do much damage but makes several of us very sick. She has moved to a far corner so Flynn and I follow her. He isn’t sick but I am. In the mean time another secret door opens into the room where the others are and they are busy fighting 4 Smilers. Some of the gas has seeped into that room so the combat power of the rest is cut, but they manage. Marrow seems very frustrated for some reason and tries to make a break for it. Flynn manages to catch a good hit on her and slows her down. He continues to work on killing the Zombies as they continue to concentrate on hitting me. Finally I get over the sickness and tell him to leave me one. He does and I take out some frustration. The others manage to eliminate the Smilers and it is clear we have removed their infestation. The door they came out of turns out to be a route to outside of Scrapwall. We return Redtooth’s Brother to her and offer to help them move into Smiler Headquarters. Arim is busy negotiating a trade agreement with Redtooth and finding out all he can about the Lords of Rust. We are going to be laid up for a couple of days it seems Mal got shot in the leg. I think that is the first serious wound he has taken. We are debating what we want to do next. As I have said before I am not good with planning a war, just the carrying it out part.



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