Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Susie's Thoughts 3/14/15

The Paladin Base, or lack of base as the case may be, introduced us to the smileys. It is obvious that the drug is not helping them, but there appears to be more messed up with them inside the head then just the drug. From other dealings we have had with them I think you can add greed, arrogance and power-hungry to what is screwing them up as people. We are trying to help build up Torch and I would have no issue trying to build up the Paladin Base either, but I don’t think the owners are doing much for the base which makes me inclined to not help them either.

Scrapwall is another story entirely. It reminds me partly of school and partly of Lord of the Flies. Just like school, there are the popular groups and the not so popular groups. People who want to get into the popular groups are willing to do things they would not normally do in order to win favor with those that are popular. Meanwhile, the people who enjoy being in groups with their friends get picked on. Hopefully we have been able to give the Steel Hawks a jolt as far as respect in this town is concerned. Same with the Ratfolk. It would definitely seem that we have given the smileys something to think about too…just in a different manner.

The last thing that comes to mind is what to do with Scrapwall. Once we are done finding what we need here we could leave it to its own devices – and many of the inhabitants would probably be just fine with that. On the other hand, it would be nice to have a facility where certain good can be unloaded without too many questions and personnel with certain skills that aren’t readily advertised in a normal town can be found here. Maybe we need to set up a benevolent dictator in this town who will keep the spirit of the town going but at the same time remove some of the stigma associated with it. Or would removing the stigma remove the spirit of town? Only time will tell I guess…also can’t forget that we are not close to running this town either so maybe I am getting ahead of myself.



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