Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Susie's Actions 3/15/15

The barracks here are basically what you would expect, barren. I’m not sure what good you get from belonging to this gang, but decent lodging is not one of them. We do find a secret passage, but it appears that the other end of the secret passage is barricaded somehow. Fortunately these guys had moderately valuable guns so we are not walking away empty handed.

We went back into the bar room and did a more exhaustive search. After our thorough search, we can add decent alcohol to one of the things membership here does not provide. The chandeliers are a little gruesome but overall there is little of note.

Continuing on we find ourselves in some sort of nightmarish science lab. The outer wall of this room is covered in vats. The type you find oddities preserved in formaldehyde. Even worse was the fact that eight of the vats opened up and some sort of half-machine half-freak came out and attacked us. The fighters were surrounded (but I think they are used to that) and I found myself surrounded as well. Fortunately the party was able to team up and quickly dispatch one while the second one decided it was a good time to take a nap. I wasn’t sure if sleep was going to work in this situation considering I have no clue what to even call these things. In the northern portion of the room one of the vats was tied up with rope – nothing suspicious here folks! Delora chopped the ropes out and the Ratfolk Animal Handler fell out. Redtooth will be happy to see that he is alive and mostly well. I did inspect him carefully but I did not find any indications that they had started to turn him into some sort of half-machine thingy. After healing him he is still too injured/shaken to try and make it back by himself so he stays with the party. Fluffy does her best to stay with him and cheer him up. Somehow I don’t think he fully appreciated Fluffy’s efforts.

The next room looks like something an android would have. There are machine bits everywhere as well as blood. This looks like the place where they replace their organic limbs with machine ones. I’m sure if we looked hard enough one of us would have found the anal probe they always talk about. There are also four half-undead half-machine guys running around. I’m not sure if the drills on their hands are designed to be weapons or for drilling. You have to admit that since undead don’t sleep these guys could have worked a mine 24 hours a day and never complain. We were able to dispatch them as well without too many injuries.

In the next room we finally found Marrow. The fight started off well. I got a hex off and then we silenced her. After that I am not too sure what happened. Marrow got off a lucky throw with a gas grenade and I spent what seemed an eternity puking up my guts. When I got myself back together I see two smileys cornered between Arim and Delora, two smileys on the ground dead and Fluffy is dancing on the corpse of Marrow. So I guess we did well. Unfortunately Mal took a shot to the leg which hit something important. I was able to heal the flesh wound part, but the bone portion is going to take a couple days to heal. In Marrow’s room we found her spell book and there are several spells in here which will definitely look nice after being added to my spell repertoire. Maybe Mal getting shot isn’t all bad, it will be an excuse for me and Fluffy to study this spellbook and see what all we can learn from it.



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