Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Susie's Actions 3/14/15

I guess there is no doubt we have made a name for ourselves in the town. We have successfully dispatched two different groups of people who came to try and put us in our place. The orcs weren’t much of a threat but the ogres definitely proved to be a different fight entirely. Anyone who can throw away that much muscle at one time can not be taken lightly.

The Steelhawks were true to their word and conveniently made the facility accessible for us. We were able to put down Birdfood relatively easily. Of course surprising someone in his bed and keeping his birds out of the fight definitely made it easier. I’m glad I was able to spare the lives of those majestic birds. Sure they may have been trained for fighting, but were they originally trained by Birdfood or were they originally part of the Steelhawks ensemble? Hopefully the Steelhawks will do better now that they aren’t under the Lords of Rust puppet. With the Steelhawks not under Birdfood anymore, the Lords of Rust may spend more time looking in their direction we ultimately means they are spending less time looking at us.

The Ratfolk are a different situation. I’m not sure if they have reached the point of no return or if they can restore themselves to some dignity. Whereas I have no issue with using fighting birds, a rust monster is definitely not a natural creature. I do understand that without their kennel master around the rust monster is definitely in a precarious situation. Hence the rescue mission.

Successfully entered the Smiley base. We found their muscle inside. That dude hit like a freight train! Fortunately he was by himself and we made it out with too much of our own blood spilled. On the plus side, they did have a fully stocked bar! It has been too long since I was able to have something to drink. That being said, I think their liquor was still watered down or at least they had some less than decent branded alcohol. We also dispatched the barracks so their numbers are definitely hurting. The Smiley’s definitely need to start recruiting some new talent, hopefully by the time we are done there won’t be anyone who wants to join this miserable bunch. (As a sidenote, since we learned that timeworn can’t be recharged – something we would have known in game even though some of us were unaware out of game – Susie would never have fired the laser rifle continuing her streak of not doing any damage in combat)



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