Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Life after Torch is renewed

We finally defeat Meyanda after way too much combat. If we continue down this path, we’ll need to get more Star Metal, because those machines are incredibly tough. Also learn that Susie has a bulls eye painted on her and everything enjoys shooting her. We’re going to need to find some way to keep her safer. Maybe get her a large shield or something like that.

Speaking of Susie, Elder Garton wants to see her in Blackpipe. Some family thing going on. It works for us as Vidon also wants to head that way as he searches for his brother. We know he left Blackpipe on his way to Harkados, but we no one remembers seeing him there and Khonnir never got a message back from Scrapwall.

Harkness has finally finished working on these pistols of his. I’m hoping they’re a significant improvement over that musket, because he was a horrible shot and that thing took forever to reload. Not sure what is going on with Flynn. He’s new and I’m not quite sure what he’s hoping to do with his life.

Which leads to my life. Draline has insisted she take over running the Merry Maid which is actually a relief as I don’t have to worry about that place anymore. However, she’s also expressed interest in found a magical academy with an additioinal focus on jewelcrafting and a small shrine to Brigh. She’s going to be real busy when everything is done. It also involve expanding our presence in Torch significantly.

I’ve worked on the Thieves Guild and it has expanded. A total of 25 people are part of it and I think that’s as big as it is going to get. Torch just can’t sustain a large criminal element. That being said the guys running the gambling hall and the soldiers working as sell-swords, don’t really subtract from Torch. Next up is hiring some people for the Silver Disk and getting its lodging finished. Then it’s the long process of getting Draline’s academy runninig. Sussie has expressed some interest in researching her origins. I’m not sure if she’s thinking of a small library with a sage or something grander. If it is just a library, we could probably make an addition to the academy.

I’m trying to expand my influence in Torch as much as I can. I see it as a central power base in a future fight with the technic league. I’ll encourage the other guys to establish a presence in town. Helps to have additional loyal people here.



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