Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Letters Home

Letter 7

Dear mom and dad,

Yesterday we were at the steel hawks base to take out a member of the smilers, as you probably remember form my previous letter how FRIENDLY AND INTELLIGENT those guys are, that the lords of rust, the gang that is running scrapwall, put incharge. If there was some way to sum up the quality of men at this base it would be…sadly green horn.

Vidon, our dwarf, was able to get close to these guys at their bar, which is inside the base, and through a slur of words and a wable of stepping, he was VERY convincing by the way, he dispatched the group with only a tankard. In a moment of being baffeled, i found an odd sense of pride in my party member. For i wouldn’t think that a tactic like that would ever work and before my eyes, VIdon pulled it off as though it was second nature.

Further exploring the base we found ourselves at Bird-food’s, the soon to be ex-leader of the steel hawks, room. we were able to subdue him without incident and also we didn’t harm the 3 hawk he kept in his room, i would assume as an alarm/defense system. After a quick look around we made our selves scarce an tried to find a place to heal up our wounds and rest. Which turned out to be another section of scrapwall.

Fortunatly, it wasn’t until after our rest we were attacked by a coupler of swarm of rats, a rat monster, and two offsetting rat looking people. No trouble was had in killing them when they approached us.

After wards a rat folk from the least powerful gang approaches us to take us to their leader/guildmaster. Honestly, with all the hidden passages and what-not this secret-base deserves the title. in the base, there is a rust monster which looked irritated and ready to eat anything infront of it. the leader of the ratfolk, I believe her name was redtooth, Asked us to go a step further in our actions. and take out the Smilers at their core base. Seeing no reason to to wipe these vermon, no offense intended to any rodent-race, of the face of the world, we agreed. and set out to attack at dawn.

The next thing that happened supprised me almost as much as Vidon did the following night. Arim spotted a turret above the smilers door, and asking us to stay back, he carefully walked to the rifle with the system never seeing him coming. Breaking down the turret and gaining a used rifle in the process we found out that it only has a number of shots on it before it will be useless. what better way of doing so in clearing out the base it protected.

We entered the base and found only one person in the room/bar. Sadly for is it was an ogre-kin, who hits like a siege weapon, and as tough to take down as one too. Moving into the next room we had a welcomed sight. grunts with nothing but ranged weapons. And they had to fight IN CLOSE QUARTERS!!!!

we are about to enter the leaders room so please know that if this letter has been sent then we were victorious in our task.

Looking forward to sending you two more good news late.

Sincerely your son.

P.S. Anyway you guys could have another mw katar made for me. I’m currently wielding a katar and longsword combo and the swing of the two is a little off putting. I will pay for any cost it might be when i see you guys again. until then, please, keep safe.



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