Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Harkness Journal (Life 234) Entry 5

Day 4 Slavers

After leaving the lake we noticed a foot trail leading to the city. We followed it into town but we couldn’t follow it all the way. We ended up back at Khonnirs foundry where one of Arim’s men was standing outside. He told us that the purple haired woman who had payed Garmen to keep the relay in town was asking why it was turned off. He told her that we had taken it. She left after that.

When we walked in there was a lot of business inside and it turns out the the purple haired woman (Meyanda who is also a fellow android) was inside waiting for us. We told Khonnir about her and he wanted in on the conversation. We sat next to her and began talking about the relay. In short she wants us to turn it back on to help her god (Hellion) and she will pay us what she payed Garmen. When I asked about the torch she got up and told us that she needed it on in two days and left.

This worries me, maybe the relay had converted the power to help her god instead of keeping the torch on. In any case I am willing to turn it back on to help my fellow sister but the others aren’t so willing. I don’t blame them the relay causes major headaches for them and long periods of stress can hurt them mentally. Khonnir as well as I think we can fix that. It will take us until the deadline but I’m confident we can get it done.

I spent the rest of day fixing the piece we needed on the elevator and working on the relay. This has set me back on working on the revolver and bullets. Oh well sacrifice must be made.

The next morning I heard banging on the door while I was working on the relay. I opened it and it was a working girl from the brothel and she was covered in blood. I asked her what had happened and if she was injured. She explained that the blood wasn’t hers and that they were attacked. She gave me a letter and I sat her down. I gave her a drink and began to read the letter. Apparently the slavers Mal and Vidon came across kidnapped Wrennie and wanted the relay. They gave us explicit instructions to follow. I woke the others and we discussed what the plan was.

We followed the instructions and meet up with a man named Mongoose. We showed him the relay and we followed him up the road to a fort that was well hidden. Once we entered the fort the possibility of coming out unscathed was greatly reduced. Archers were along the wall as well as a couple of guards. Looking around I saw Trett in the back near a table. He didn’t look pleased to see us. Soon as I saw Trett a man pulled Wrennie out of a building.

She was naked and severely injured. I had suspect that they would force themselves on her due to her profession and her looks but I did not consider her to be this injured. Broken jaw, couple of small lacerations, bruise and unknown body fluids. All suggest that she was raped. I still find it hard to understand the reason of such brutality. Soon after a woman stepped out as well.

I believe she is in charge due to the fact that we were looking for a Helma. She greeted each individual focusing more on Mal and Vidon especially Vidon. Arim tried to get Wrennie released but that failed. That’s when Helma showed her hand and betrayed her promise. I wasn’t too surprised, logically it’s not wise to show someone your hideout just for them to leave and come back later with reinforcements.

When the battle started Flynn covered Wrennie and placed her under a table to better protect her. I shot first at Helma but soon after she multiplied herself making her more difficult to hit. Through out the fight I was the most useless. This musket isn’t providing the ideal amount of damage in truth it’s starting to become a hindrances. I need to finish repairs as soon as possible so I can work on the revolver.

Anyway as the fight started to wind down one the slavers threw a vile on a building and it caught fire. Soon as it did I heard screaming. Since I was the most useless in this fight I went to rescue the slaves. Soon after Helma was killed and we rounded up the gear. Vidon saw something about his brother. This is the first time he has mentioned he has siblings. We looked around but there were no Dwarfs with the slaves. As soon as we get back I am going back to work on the relay.



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