Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Arim meets Bird Shit, Redtooth and Gun Shy

So we sneak upon the Steel Hawks base and only a few minor orc guards are around to portect it. Vidon acts like a drunk fool and gets the guards to drop their guard. A tad later their bodies are being hidden in a storeroom. The Steel Hawks were good to their word, this place was almost completely abandoned. A few sleeping guards later and we’re at Bird Shit’s door. After one terrifying moment with his squaking birds, we sneak into his room and make short work of him. FINALLY one of our plans goes off as we want it too.

We decide to lay low and visit the ratfolk later in the day. Evidently this place has even more rats than we anticipated, for approaching our resting point is a swarm of rats, some dire rats and some weird amalgamation of rats called a Rat King. I’ve seen a rat or two in my life, but nothing like this monstrosity. Supposedly this king is even halfway intelligent. I’m all for meeting people and making allies, but this is definately not the time or place.

Finally we heard off to meet the ratfolk. We find them in a battle with some Smilers and take care of thiings. Thankfully Mal is able to heal their downed members, so we instantly get a good repoire with them. They take us to their leader Redtooth and she tells us her sad tale. She has lost many of her members to the Lords of Rust, as evidenced by their following Meyanda into Torch. In addition Marrow, the Smiler leader, has captured her brother Whisk-e-Fis. We are more than happy to take care of Marrow, but she warns us that Marrow is a dangerous necromancer. I really dislike enemies who can make you fight their allies twice. They also have an ogre-kin named Gun Shy who is their primary enforcer. Lastly their base is more heavily guarded at night, because they believe no one would be stupid enough to assault them in broad daylight. Obviously, they have not met us.

There is one piece of amazing news. Whisk-e-Fis is a trainer of rust monsters. This sounds absolutely ridiculous, but evidently he had a whole stable of them. Sadly due to his loss, they’ve only been able to hold onto one and that’s because it is tied down. The Steel Hawks are a nice to have, but if we could convince these guys to join it would be amazing. Imagine a battalion of ratfolk with spears mounted on rust monsters. It is enough to make the most stalwart knight run in terror.

So, we head to the Smiler base. As the Mission Impossible music plays, I sneak up to their gun turret and steal the laser rifle they have set up to fire automatically at any interlopers. we go inside and there is Gun Shy all by himself. Thankfully he was by himself, because he hits insanely hard and crush Harkness’s gun with a thought. Once past him we begin to hunt down Marrow.



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