Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

A side note from Vidon.

I can fix that!

I decided to ask Khonnir if I can use the forge to repair some of our equipment. I haven’t been doing that and I feel a little bit rusty. So I will offer the others the chance to get some work done on their equipment for little or no cost. Might save them some money. I might ask Dolga for some pointers on armor creation.

I know my armor has a few dents and scrapes in it. It doesn’t hurt to look your best. Especially when the town thinks you are this wonderfully competent adventurer. I hate to disillusion them but I have spent more time laid out than upright. Yeah I’ve smashed a few monsters but you don’t do much smashing when you are out cold.

Maybe I won’t go down so easily now that we have another front guy. I still don’t know what to think about Flynn. Only time will tell whether he is going to work out or not.



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