Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Arim leaves for Scrapwall.

Life has been pretty hectic in this last week. I got the Thieves Guild fully staffed and managed. Thankfully Draline is handling the brothel, but I think it also inspired her to increase the price tag of our wedding. While I’m gone, she’s going to continue working on her magic crafting and handle the arrangements of the new addition to Silverdisk Hall. Sadly I had to leave all my money at home. Whatever isn’t spent on Silverdisk Hall is going to be spent on this Mage Tower she has planned and then there is the ring…

The morning we’re due to leave, there is a large explosion to the North of town and some kind of complusion compelled me to check the letter Wrennie left for us. Turns out her real name is Penelope Jerod. She was the chief poisoner for Lord Murdoch Jarith. He learned of a music box that can teach the listener the Song of Extinction. Jarith had a bard learn the song and used an illusion to trick him into using it on a town. The effect was devastating and none of the townsfolk survived. Afterwards Penelope the Bard and two others decided that Jarith could not learn this song. So they broke the music box into 4 pieces and went out and hid across the land. She chose to hide in Torch and the necklace she wore had the wrench for the music box. She hid this wrench in a cliff face north of town, but after investigation, I’m forced to conclude Jarith has it now.

Wrennie’s letter asks we go to Scrapwall. She has a half-elven ally there who has a piece of the music box and may not realize the danger she is in. Interestingly, Priest Jorun has an old friend, Dinvaya in Scrapwall who is a half-elf and very knowledgeable about technical items. He wants us to let her know the Technic League is no longer interested in her. If we convey this message he’ll give us his Lesser Rod of Extend. As I think about this, if this is the same person, the last thing we want is for her to come back where people can find her. If it is the same person, does that mean Jorun is with Jarith?

This was a learning opportunity for Harkness, keeping secrets from everybody in the hopes that no one will know, won’t work in the long term. Unfortunately, he has not learned the lesson about one’s enemies. Giving them every opportunity to escape will only lead them coming back and at some point they will thwart your plans.

We get to Blackpipe and find it is a tiny village named for the large pipe in its center. Per the populace, the metal making up the pipe is slowly degrading. We investigated it, but it requires an Orange Access Card.. I made a good attempt at picking the lock, but these things are really secure.

We talk to elder Gon-Ton and learn her real father is a devil. Her parents were unable to conceive and made a deal with a devil from Cheliax. No one thought much of it when she was born, but the stranger came back recently looking for her family. He magically wiped the memories of everyone he saw, so they wouldn’t remember his name. In addition he had her parents dug up, our guess was for a Speak with Dead spell.

We make it to Hakados late that first night. It’s a pretty large town, but things are a bit complicated here. Cythrul and Lady Altouna are both aliens, though different types. We had a letter of introduction from Khonnir, but I’m not sure what it actually said. They run an underground railroad, assiting aliens and androids escape from the Technic League. Unfortunately this underground railroad goes through baribarian territory. So they don’t bother the barbarians and they don’t bother her railroad. These people seem like they can make good allies. So I let them know I too am against the Technic League and once I build up my empire in Torch, they’ll probably remember me. They let us know that if we go to Scrapwall we should go to the other side of the river and to a place called Aldronard’s Grave as it is a more secure spot.

While we’re talking to them, they tell us they knew Harkness in a previous life when he was Orbid. It is of note, since Orbid believed he had found a forge that could create new androids. Harkness now has dreams of flooding the place with androids. My magic crowbar decides it really wants to talk to us. There is a small sprite in it named Task and it believes it has found a forge where we can craft technological items. It is in the far eastern part of Numeria, we need to investigate this. They also let us know they may have a contact in Chessed. Brisa is a dwarven priestess of Adavar.

They tell us to talk to the merchants to find out about Vidon’s brother. Turns out he went the cheap route and took an unprotected barge through barbarian territory. We decide to take a similar appearing barge through the same path and get ambushed. The barbarians don’t stand a chance against us. Susie makes sure to put one to sleep, so we have one to interrogate. The barbarians are using cheap dwarven weapons with Vidon’s family crest on them. After interrogating him, we believe Vidon’s brother is a prisoner at a barbarians base 10 miles away. We send the barge back to town and head out towards this base.

Harkness Journal (Life 234) Entry 8
Traveling to ScrapWall Part 1

While working in the early morning I heard an explosion. After which I had this urge to open Wrennie’s letter. Seeing Flynn I asked about the letter which he checked and it was indeed open. Apparently, Wrennie’s actually name was Penelop Jarod she was some Alchemist who worked for a Lord Murdoch Jarith. He was described as a man with a beautiful voice and black heart. He had her kill people who were in his way, and like most people Wrennie’s “Conscience” was eating at her. Anyway he was in search of something called a “Song of Extinction”. Needless to say he was able to find everything he need and used a bard to see if it would work. It indeed worked it somehow steals a person’s life force and adds it to one’s own. Wrennie and the others that helped this Lord Murdoch Jarith get the Song decided to runaway with the music box that produced the song. They divided the box and went their separate ways. It was our job to either get the box and destroy it or hide it all over again.

After packing we headed towards the explosion, to investigate. There was hole on the side of a cliff and inside was a chest with Wrennie’s symbol. Now, it began to make since why the letter open. There must have been a piece of the music box in that chest… Even in death Wrennie’s lack of trust still hinders the mission she has provided. Why all these secrets, she could have just told us the location before she had passed on. Now this Lord Murdoch has one of the pieces. We will have to catch up and find the other pieces.

Before heading to the docks Khonnir had asked that I go visit Meyanda. I told the others I would meet them at the docks and set off to see Meyanda. She seemed to be drawing her god. She was conflicted with her emotions and did not know what to do about them. That’s when i told her to trust Khonnir and the other Androids in town. I also found out that she was 6. If it was Khonnir or me we could have taught her about the world we now live in. Anyway she seemed unstable so as I left I told the guards to watch her for she might try to kill herself. I also asked that they contact Khonnir and the others to make a shift so they can watch her.

With that we set off to Black Pipe first since it was closest and Susie needed to visit someone. When we arrived there was this black pipe sticking out of the ground. I guess that’s why the town is name after it. I asked about it and from what i heard it has a door no one can open. Then Susie met with her friend and he explained that someone was asking about her and her family. Soon after her parents graves were disturbed. Before, leaving we investigated the pipe and it turns out to be a huge cannon Mal also saw something that resembled a heavy weapon… A HEAVY WEAPON! I guess this is what you call excitement. Anyway we couldn’t get the door open it needs a Orange key card. As soon as i get a key card i plan on coming back that’s for sure!

By the time we reached Hakadose it was already dark so we checked ourselves into the Mucky Duck and called it a night…

P.S – I find myself enjoying this adventure unlike the last… I’m going to watch the locals and see what I can learn…

Vidon in Search of my Brother.
On the Road Again!

We were getting ready to start traveling when we heard an explosion just north of the town. Everyone was making their last minute preparations and Mal was doing some kind of magic Hocus Pocus to see if he could learn more about Task and Unity. He says he succeeded but I don’t understand much of what he found out. Khonnir told me who to seek out when I got to Blackpipe, Hakadose, and Scrapwall. He gave me a letter of introduction to help the people know that I was okay. Flynn was able to acquire a Masterwork Falcata. I hope it helps him. I suggested he get some daggers, but I guess he forgot to do that before we left.

We went to the northern gate to ask the guards if they checked out the explosion and they said they did but all they found was an empty chest. So I guess it is up to us to do the real investigation. It only took a few minutes to get to the site. I saw where 2 sets of footprints had entered and left the blackened area. One came from the direction of the town and the other came from the east and left the same direction. There were about 6 people in the eastern set. The chest had been hidden in a depression in a cliff face. On the inside of the cover that hid the chest was the symbol that is on letters from Wrennie. The chest is empty. About this same time the letter that was given to Flynn, Arim, and Harkness opened. Evidently they had been warned that this might happen. It appears that Wrennie was hiding a piece of a music box that would cause an earthquake and would extend the life of whoever played the box. More magic mumbo-jumbo. The tracks I found headed in the general direction of Scrapwall. I found where they had mounted horses. It was decided to continue on with what we had planned anyway as we would eventually arrive at Scrapwall.

We boarded the barge and made it to Blackpipe in about a half day. Susie went to see Elder Gonton. He asked her to leave the adventuring life and marry his son. I checked with the local Merchants Guild and found that my Brother had indeed been through this town. The town had received its name from the large black pipe in the center of town. We took some time and Arim, Flynn, and Harkness went down to see if they could open the door at the bottom. Finally Mal went down to use his sight that lets him see through walls. He saw much Technology equipment but no creatures. There was a key pad, but it was colored orange. We don’t have an orange card. We left the next morning and got to Hakadose late in the evening. The next morning we went to the City Hall to present ourselves to Lady Altouna and Cythrul, the city leaders. We gave the guard our letter from Khonnir but got a cold welcome. It seems that the Technic League is unwelcome in this city and Khonnir’s letter had that symbol on it. We got to see Cythrul first and when Lady Altouna entered see stared at Harkness for a long minute. After she asked him to remove his hat she called him a strange name, I think it was Orvid. It seems she knew the previous owner of his body. Strange process that. Still don’t know if I trust the process to create a friendly creature. She gave Harkness a rather lengthy explanation of what she knew of Orvid’s plans to try to find what she called an Android Forge.

She also had some information about my Brother. She explained that they had recommended that he hire on more guards before continuing down river. As stubborn as I know Thorgol to be it is not unexpected to hear he refused. She gave us a promise to have more information for us by this evening. I told her we were staying at the Mucky Duck. I left to go talk to the Merchant’s Guild and find more information. That evening we got a letter from Lady Altouna with a sketched map of the next portion of the river and her best guess as to where the BloodGar barbarians outpost were and where the most likely ambush sites were. I hired on 6 additional guards and we arranged some dummy crates for some of us to hide in. We were hoping to be ambushed as that is the most likely scenario to explain why my Brother never made it to Mendev.

We set out the next day and about an hour or two later I felt the Barge stop and heard someone order the crewmen to unload some of the crates as toll. This is what we were hoping for. My crate was closest to the shore so it was the first off. I burst out and see about 8 Human Barbarians that appear to have slings in hand. Behind them is one big sucker with a Greatsword in hand giving orders. I charge the front line and take out one of the slingers as Susie takes out another. The big guy gets mad and comes at me. So much the better I don’t have to go to him. We trade hits as we both engage our Rage. Luckily Susie put her hexes on him so he was easier to hit. Harkness changing over to what he calls revolvers must have been good because he made the kill shot on the Big Guy. We dispatched the rest of the ambushers and revived the Big Guy to find out where his camp was. Also I saw some of the weapons were marked with the Glitteriron seal but some were of inferior quality. Which led me to believe that at least some of the crew were being held captive and were being forced to craft weapons. No one but family knows the secret of making Masterwork quality weapons. I dispatched the big guy, and we sent the barge back to town to wait for us as we left on foot to go to their camp and see who was being held captive.

Harkness side note 7

Now that I’m finished my work and gotten rid of that musket. I now have two revolvers. I shall keep one visible and the other hidden. Just in case we are asked to surrender our weapons.

PS. I have to stop writing the days on my journal due to the fact we have found Khonnir and solved the torch problem.

Harkness Journal (Life 234) Entry 7
After Facing Meyanda....

After a long and stressful fight with Meyanda and my allies we became victorious. Having to convince my allies in not killing Meyanda was most difficult. Especially Vidon…. who was very focused in killing Meyanda. He should have instead focused on the robots only his axe could penetrate. Never the less Meyanda was not killed and my al… “friends” upheld everything I believed in them.

I was able to keep Meyanda imprisoned instead of killed for her reckless endangerment of the town which I’m glad for.

Meyanda was converting power from the ship to her god which resides in Scrapwall. When I asked Khonnir about Scrapwall he said it was a den of murders and thieves unlike torch. There was probably a chance that the Technic League has influence in this town.

This has me concerned about my appearance. Though most consider me “human” with trained eyes any slaver can see me as what I am an Android. I wonder if Mal can make a hat for me like the one he wears.

Later on I was working on the revolver and bullets. When Amelia’s father showed up with the weapons he promised. I was quite surprised he was able to finish them this soon.

I over heard Vidon the other day as he expressed about venturing off to find his brother. Susie as well has family business to attend which is along the way Vidon is traveling to… I figure I should ask to journey with them. For they are my “friends” I will help them so that in return they will help me… unlike the time with Meyanda.

Journal of Shadow Mal part 5

Entry 138, day 16, Evening

It has been a busy couple of days, I have not had time to write in between all the running, politicking, and killing.

As we waited for one of the impeccable craftsmen in this fine town to build a replacement part and I did some light shopping for components my companions were approached by the mysterious, purple-haired character named Meyanda. For someone who has been setting up ambushes, poisoning the town, and generally causing mischief she acted, well, she acted just like I expected. Unrepentant, unconcerned, and subtly affronted that she had to deal with us at all. She wanted the relay turned on, had the usual mix of bribes and threats, and a gang of thugs to back up at least one of those.

In negotiations she dropped hints that the device was channeling power from the machines below to her master. Further investigations revealed said master to be in scrapwall, and apparently involved in some sort of band calling itself the lords of rust. Our technically-inclined party members finagled a plan which would keep the power going but not cause problems for the town, but it required that they work overnight. This was not a problem in itself, Harkness does not sleep, but it required continuous work. That became a problem the next day, when one of the working girls came to us, wounded, with an explanation that the Merrymaid had been attacked again and Wrennie kidnapped. She was being ransomed, and the price was the Relay.

It was the Red Band gang, and they had a hostage. Further, we are adventurers, not politicians, so we took the trap at face value and loaded up for murder. We followed the instructions, up to the point of finding their base, and we waited for them to strut and posture. The woman leading the band explained in bombastic fashion how Wrennie had been tortured and gang-raped, and how she intended to sell Ms. Dalrorn’s location to interested parties. She also cursed at us for our oh-so heinous crimes of defending ourselves from her, but this was simply window-dressing. Eventually she reveal her sudden but inevitable and completely-expected betrayal and the battle was joined. Everyone acquitted themselves well, and surprisingly the hostage/murder dynamic was limited to one man trying and failing to burn a building full of kidnapped slaves we were not even aware of.

After the battle, there was one survivor of the criminal gang, since he had fallen prey to my manipulations AND delivered the final blow to the gang’s leader it seemed fair to let him be a “loose end.” I suggested strongly he run away, and he did. Sanvil was also present, poor fool, but he showed a survivor’s sense of cowardice and avoided combat as best he could. More importantly, I found my hat. I also found a percentage of my other belongings, but as I put the hat on I remembered the first time my father gave it to me and then held me in his arms. Good memories of good family.

My journal is still missing, I am not sure if I prefer the idea that it was burned by illiterate morons or the idea of my private life being perused by just anyone.

Time and money later, the emancipated victims were temporarily lodged in town, the bandit fortress was on schedule for looting and demolition by the town guard, and work was resumed. Unfortunately this was yet another delay in our attempts to solve the problem of the Torch. After much hard work, Harkness, Susie, and Khonnir were able to complete the modifications and activate the Relay. I offered my congratulations, but we still had a job to do.

Plumbing the depths once more, we entered the elevator room and activated it. The sense of discontinuity was far greater than the elevators of the Jinin tree-towns, but still familiar in its way. I am reminded of the times my father would carry me, that pressing lift-off, the shuddering descents…but enough rumination. Upon the opening of the doors, we were set upon by ugly cat-dogs. They seemed to be quite at home, yet I cannot imagine there was much for them to eat in these depths. Perhaps they had simply gotten used to the area quickly and had been brought by the cultists.

This brings me to the next several rooms. It seems that Meyanda’s many followers are all members of this cult to Hellion, a supposed god of machines and sharp edges. I don’t know much about the religion, but it involves a god who needs technological power, hatred of natural life forms, spiky and aggressive symbology, and cheerfully endangering or destroying innocents. Not generally the hallmarks of a good diety. They set up a shrine, their orc and ratling members attacked us. We killed what may have been one of their priests, a creature I believe to have been a gargoyle, though I am not familiar with that race. It kept the shrink they had set up in one of the rooms. We also destroyed another robot, and finally entered the chamber where Meyanda was apparently controlling the Torch. From what I gather, the thing which creates the torch creates a kind of energy, and when that energy overloads it expels that energy in the form of the Torch. She shut that down and was channeling that energy elsewhere, while also creating the risk of an explosion which would apparently be strong enough to wipe out the entire town.

Once again I am impressed with the power this technology holds. It is still too alien for me to truly wrap my head around the fundamental principles, however. Someday, perhaps, I will try to learn more, but for now I believe I should stick to my strengths and be the best magic-wielder I can be.

In any event, after a long, confused, and very difficult fight with Meyanda and her constructs we put her down. She attempted to destroy the machine and kill us all, but ultimately failed. Exposure to some kind of poison gas that the machines called “radiation” was concerning, I hope there are no long-term effects. Also of note, the robots seem to be getting tougher. My bolts do no damage, I have since purchased (at great expense) adamantine ammunition, but I will have to be careful, I only have so much. Perhaps I can augment that with magic, I think I recall a spell that multiplies arrows…

Harkness had a bit of a breakdown, apparently it is against his religion to destroy fellow androids. At first I found this annoyingly (and familiarly) racist, but his explanation made more sense. The Android body has a soul, but when it dies of old age, if the body itself is intact it rejuvenates, and a fresh soul is born. Androids do not bear children, so while killing an android is no different than killing any other sapient being, destroying the body in such a way that it cannot repair itself is somewhere between killing a person and murdering a child. Or sterilizing a family. Moreover, since he believes The First Android was special, and the new beginning of his race, destroying a body is always risking destroying their most holy of beginnings.

This is still a little weird, but I have certainly entertained more foolish notions. Case in point; Meyanda’s faith. So her “god” may be channeling divine magic her way, though that makes little sense, but at the same time the Red Mantis Assassin god hasn’t seemed to take notice or do anything about this new upstart godling despite that being it’s whole thing. Further, what does god need with a starship? A being of light and power somehow needs the trappings of mortals and minions to empower it? This makes no sense. Likewise the foundation of her religion is the perfection of the machine, yet we flawed and easily-distracted fleshy adventurers somehow defeated superior numbers and home-court advantage. I have already brought this up to her, she was upset when she did not have a proper reply. I intend to have several conversations regarding this later.

Moving back around, Harkness is troubled, I am trying to offer counsel in resolving the purity of his faith the grit of hard reality. It would help if I shared his religion, but the most important part of faith is believing in something good and right, and striving for it.

The fight was eventually won, the torch was turned back on, and time is passing. Vidon grows restless as his quest drives him on, Susie has apparently received word from her home of trouble, and I am weaving a replacement for my previous outfit.

Now that the crisis is averted I have a choice. Chasing more trouble is irresponsible, dangerous, and foolish. Sanvil Trett has oozed away like the slippery thing he is, and has doubtless put a bounty on all our heads. I would be wise to simply leave the country right now, but this demigod in Scrapwall, Vidon’s missing brother, all the business and trouble and goings-on…if we don’t take a stand, if we don’t even ask a question, who will?

I will continue chasing this madness, starting with an investigation into Unity.

Entry 139, Day 22, Evening.

The divinations are complete, and this is the lore I have gleaned;
“Over 9,000 years ago, in a region of space far distant from the one inhabited by the world known today as Golarion, the starship Divinity departed its home planet of Androffa and began what was to be a 25-year mission to bring civilization and culture to other planets throughout the universe. Divinity’s crew was human, yet they saw themselves as gods compared to the countless primitive societies they had encountered, and by bringing gifts of technology, religion, and art to such cultures, the Divinity’s crew hoped to foster an interplanetary empire. The Divinity was outfitted with an experimental engine capable of opening wormholes in space, and the first several years of the mission went well, as the crew made contact with dozens of alien societies and even brought some of their citizens onboard the vast starship—both to study and be studied.
“Yet despite all good intentions, the crew’s plan was flawed at its foundation by hubris and overconfidence. When the ship entered a region of space controlled by the Dominion of the Black, the crew was forced to use the ship’s wormhole drive in the middle of a devastating battle. Divinity escaped its enemies, but only by catapulting itself across the universe and into an uncharted star system in an unexplored galaxy. With both Divinity’s crew and her artificial intelligence suffering from madness inflicted by Dominion weaponry, civil war soon broke out on the crippled ship—different factions among the crew fought each other while the humans simultaneously worked against an increasingly rebellious and insane central artificial intelligence (Unity). This infighting had an inevitable result: in –4363 ar, the Divinity crash landed on an unknown planet.”

Now, alcohol, because none of that Feihua makes sense and writing it down was like pouring words out of a hole in my brain. I knew there was a reason I don’t use this thing very often…

Vidon's Trip Planning.
How to survive on the River.

I want to speak with Dolga and Khonnir about a new set of armor. If we are going to be traveling on water I want something that might keep me afloat til someone can get to me. In that respect I think a set of Ironwood armor and shield should do the trick. Also I want to acquire a Spiked Gauntlet and have Spikes added to my shield. It was embarrassing to lose my Axe and not be able to hurt Meyanda. That will never happen again if I can help it.

There is some concern on my part. I am not sure where this party is going. My intention is to go try to find my Brother. However, no one else has said anything about what their intentions are. I know Susie is thinking of returning to Blackpipe and that is my next stop on my journey so we may travel together. I also believe that there was talk of going to Scrapwall to check up on Meyanda’s God. But which direction the rest of the party will take is unknown at present. I believe Harkness is considering going with Susie for a while. I will just have to wait and see what develops as the time of departure draws near. If necessary I will go alone.

Life after Torch is renewed

We finally defeat Meyanda after way too much combat. If we continue down this path, we’ll need to get more Star Metal, because those machines are incredibly tough. Also learn that Susie has a bulls eye painted on her and everything enjoys shooting her. We’re going to need to find some way to keep her safer. Maybe get her a large shield or something like that.

Speaking of Susie, Elder Garton wants to see her in Blackpipe. Some family thing going on. It works for us as Vidon also wants to head that way as he searches for his brother. We know he left Blackpipe on his way to Harkados, but we no one remembers seeing him there and Khonnir never got a message back from Scrapwall.

Harkness has finally finished working on these pistols of his. I’m hoping they’re a significant improvement over that musket, because he was a horrible shot and that thing took forever to reload. Not sure what is going on with Flynn. He’s new and I’m not quite sure what he’s hoping to do with his life.

Which leads to my life. Draline has insisted she take over running the Merry Maid which is actually a relief as I don’t have to worry about that place anymore. However, she’s also expressed interest in found a magical academy with an additioinal focus on jewelcrafting and a small shrine to Brigh. She’s going to be real busy when everything is done. It also involve expanding our presence in Torch significantly.

I’ve worked on the Thieves Guild and it has expanded. A total of 25 people are part of it and I think that’s as big as it is going to get. Torch just can’t sustain a large criminal element. That being said the guys running the gambling hall and the soldiers working as sell-swords, don’t really subtract from Torch. Next up is hiring some people for the Silver Disk and getting its lodging finished. Then it’s the long process of getting Draline’s academy runninig. Sussie has expressed some interest in researching her origins. I’m not sure if she’s thinking of a small library with a sage or something grander. If it is just a library, we could probably make an addition to the academy.

I’m trying to expand my influence in Torch as much as I can. I see it as a central power base in a future fight with the technic league. I’ll encourage the other guys to establish a presence in town. Helps to have additional loyal people here.

Letters Home
Letter 1

Hey mom and dad.

FLynn here, just checking in. Well its been about two weeks since i set off to explore the world and I gotta say the last week was kinda heck-tic, so I’ll try to summarize the best that I can…
1. Got into town (Torch) and the mayor asked if i could help a group of adventurers save the Torch that’s the life blood of the town.
2. Met the adventurers the mayor talked about, and truth be told at first i didn’t think that they would accept me as quickly as the did but meh…
3. Explored a crashed “Ship” that the adventurers explored and are repairing, explaining that would require another letter so lets just leave it at the ship has two decks cleared of hostile presence for the moment.
4. Stopped a cult from driving the town insane with a headache. (Probably should have started off with this one but putting all these events to paper is kinda tricky)\
5. Cleared out a bandit camp where they were harboring slaves, Tackled a guy off a two story ledge as he was trying to escape.
6.Finally got the Torch in the town to re-light and now the town is prospering again.

Going to stick with these guys for a while, they are odd and quirky in their own ways but, i get the sense that if i tag along with them then I can help a lot more people than i would if i were alone.

Will write to you guys sooner than it took to get this letter out, PROMISE!!!

Your son,
Flynn L. Sileet

The Torch is renewed by Vidon and Company.
It took a while but we did it.

We finally got Meyanda knocked out and Arim found a way to vent the contamination that was filling the room and figured out how to turn the torch back on. Susie took most of the damage this time. I believe she spent more time laying on the ground than standing up. Meyanda managed to break the Weapon cord that had my Adamantine axe tied to my wrist. She gave it to one of the robots but I got it back before it blew up.

When we got back we turned Meyanda over to the Constable to go to jail. Hopefully she won’t be let out like the others. We suggested to Khonnir that they dig a new access to the room with all the controls to the torch and have someone check on it occasionally. Arim’s Fiancee’ was very upset that he had ownership of the Merry Maid Brothel. Mal agreed with her when she suggested she manage the place. Her suggestion was delivered very strongly. I think Arim’s marriage is going to be very interesting for him.

Khonnir had some information for me about Thorgol. He had heard back from Blackpipe and Hakadoka (?) that they remembered my brother going through on a barge. There has been no response from Scrapwall however. Nor does he expect any response. Susie has to go by Blackpipe to take care of some personal business so I guess that is our next destination.

The whole town is fit to bust. Now that the torch has been restored they are very grateful. The weapons from bringing the bodies back from our first trip underground are ready. Also, Malku and I exchanged Light Hammers. He had a magical one so I traded him one of my Masterwork ones.


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