Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Arim never asked to fight 3 dragons

I thought stuff was relatively well under control and our path forward was clear. We had gotten the explosives from the ship, we had blown up the receiving array and the next stop was to deal with the Lords of Rust. From there we go home and I get to see how Draline is doing. She’s been running things in Torch in my absence and honing her abilities as a enchantress. sadly that all came crashing down today.

We come out and there is DeLaura. She’s been off in the Ratfolk Warrens working on an epic balad to tell about us. She mentions some people had been looking around for Flynn and before I can ask her about the balad, those same people show up. They’re looking for Flynn alright. However it turns out that they are blue dragons shape shifted to appear human. The most horrifying fight of my life ensures and I nearly die from electrocution. Thankfully, Mal saves me. Maybe we should honor this gesture by making a small shrine to her god in Torch. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember which god she worships. I blame the blows to the head and being electrocuted.

Now comes the part where I’m horribly confused
Flynn starts telling us about some secret society in his home town that believes Susie is the devil incarnate. So says the guy who would rather sexually assault a chain devil than defend his life and those of his teammates. Yes Susie curses like a sailor, but her evil eye is nothing compared to what Draline’s does.
Evidently some dragons talked to Flynn in his dreams when he was a kid. One told hime he’d change the world and then a second one came in and she said “Yes, he’ll change it to my desires” Kind of sounds like Draline actually.
Mal is from the elven House Maerret. They used to be known as a bunch of demon worshippers who had sold their soul. Well a bigger demon and his elven house attack them and destroy them. Who knew elves were a bunch of demon worshippers. Maybe he’s a drow in disguise, I’ll need to check.
Mal was brought up by a bronze dragon named Zestrixtramus who decided to redeem the little child. It appears he did a good job. Evidently the blue dragons knew about this and hate him too. Not surprising as the chromatic dragons are always full of hate, especially towards the metallic dragons.
Some unknown group of celestials is assisting us behind the scenes.

My long term plan was to kick out the Technic League, making this country a happier place. Now all this bizzare stuff is coming in and I don’t know where it is going.

Susie's Actions 5/9/15

As we walked out of the mist it was nice to see Delora. We get along well together and seem to support each other well. Like me, she is more versatile than some of the other party members, but not as good at any one item the way some of the other people are either. Putting people to sleep is fun, but I’d much rather have Vidon and Flynn chopping into something actively attacking us and let Delora do the coup de gras. She has been working on her ballad about us but unfortunately we have been unable to hear it so far.

The three people who had been looking for us found us. I can’t say that I really want to fight another dragon anytime soon. Not only did their attack hurt immensely, but the crackling lightning they could breathe on us did some serious damage as well. A couple of us went down during that fight but fortunately between Mal and myself we were able to prevent any of us from dying – we did have to pull out all the stops though and most if not all of us consumed our hero points in that fight. I had never gotten a chance to use Limp Lash outside of testing before but I can say the affects of that spell our frightful. What it did to that third dragon was scary to behold, but it also killed the dragon and prevented anyone else in our group from dying so the ends definitely justified the means.

We got to the receiver array and aside from that horrible mental creature it was non-eventful. Vidon proved why he is a barbarian and not one of the more nimble professions, he had the dance moves of a rhinoceros trying to climb up that ladder. We saw the corpses of the creatures we slew before and we burned their nest, but ultimately I don’t think that was necessary. We placed the explosives around the receiver array and blew it up. Based off of the results I am going to say we didn’t need to use all of the explosives – it went KABOOM! I can say with 100% certainty that there is nobody in Scrapwall who doesn’t know something just happened. As we ran away from the receiver I can only imagine that our meeting with the Lords of Rust is fast approaching and we may also be on our way to meet Hellion. I still want to hear Delora play us the ballad she wrote, but it may be a few days before our hearing returns to normal and we can truly appreciate what she has composed.

Flynn's Journal Beginning

First time writing in a journal but hear it goes. Today i sent a letter home with my parents letting them know the details of my life in the last 24 hours, but i didn’t want them to know some of the details for fear of what i have been finding out on the latest adventure, of i fear that there are those out there that might be using the letter i send out to keep tabs on us. Truthfully there this is oddly new to me because for all my life i didn’t think myself a cut above anyone. I didn’t even think that dreams that i had as a kid would affect me in my later life, i always just assumed that they were that DREAMS.

However after fighting the dragons and closer inspection of the content, mainly the note hidden in one of their throats, I felt it was best to censor some of the things i have now come to know from leaving our parties know-how. Truth be told there are many things in the letter that i haven’t the foggiest idea of why are happening to us. But for the time being There are people out there that are targeting us outside the walls of scrapwall, and the less they think we know, the better our survival chances become.


Susie's Thoughts 5/9/15

Lots of intrigue within this group. The dragons that attacked had a message that could go several ways. Obviously Flynn is caught up in some stuff that is bigger than he could imagine. He is unsure of his roll in the bigger picture and perhaps unsure if he wants to be in the bigger picture. Anytime three dragons come looking for you though someone thinks you are important. His dream seems to pit him as the tilting point between good and evil. Something like good and evil being balanced off a pivot point waiting for him to take a step in one direction or another causing the balance to be thrown off. The letter the dragons carried also talked about the elf witch and Mal’s family. It is not 100% clear if Mal is the one they are describing as the elf witch or if I am. The arrogance of dragons is overwhelming though. If somehow I was in there position I would not be carrying this letter with me at all. For better or worse, it would appear that most of us have demons in our past of one sort or another, as such I think the party will stay together as we realize none of us have something that terrible in our past that the others can’t empathize. Mal and I will have to work together to figure out if the note is referring to just her or both of us. Hopefully we can support Flynn as he walks down the path that his heritage has cursed him with. Everyone else can enjoy the ride!

On a totally different thought, I think about some items I read that state that as we become more advanced as a civilization the weaker we become. Their basic example starts with people who have bad vision. Originally these people were worthless most of the time because they could not do one of the many tasks required by a group of people and so they would be purged from the gene pool. Thereby only allowing the better people to reproduce. Now that glasses have been invented these people stay within the gene pool thereby weakening it. If we go far into the future many of our weaknesses would be overcome by technology but we would be extremely weak as individuals and anything that affects our technology would be devastating to us as a people. Enter the black lumpy thing we found at the receiver array. It was able to cause great distress amongst our group in a short amount of time. Imagine what it would do to a large collection of people in a spaceship. I’m not sure if this is the only thing that caused the downfall of these ancient people, but it certainly could be part of it. I’m not sure if we will ever learn what that thing is called or if we will ever learn of its origin, but I’m hoping that library I’m having built back in Torch may provide some clues. We will have to be wary lest it follow us or it turns out there are more of those things around.

Letters Home
Letter 11 (Dragon Slayers?)

Dear mom and dad,

Today started off like any other day, found myself sleeping in not-a-bed at a place i have come to affectionately call not-an-inn. Funny thing is my companions and i keep seeing this establishment all over our adventure. Any way I am getting off topic, after the last letter was sent we decided to stay the night in a recently haunted ship, of what variant i could not say, and begin our trek in the morning.

The mist was loosening its hold on the ground it inhabited and allowed us to find our way out with less trouble than what it took to get in. However as we exited the mist three men waited for us outside. They gave off a sense of danger to them, but the strange thing is that they held no arms or armor in which to do combat with. This one flaw was quickly rectified as they turned into their true forms, blue dragons. Diving into combat was instantaneous and unavoidable. And truth be told there were moments when i feared that one of the comrades i have come to see as friends, were going to die. Luckily that didn’t happen. Afterwards we carved from the dragon anything and everything we could and are rather happy with the supplies we have recieved. On a side note i took one of the canine fangs of the leader dragon and am hoping to turn it into a usable blade, most likely a dagger, of some sort.

Turning our attention back to the mission at hand we searched out the relay in our attempts to destroy it and were making good headway to doing so until we were sidetracked by a creature that nested below the relay itself. Making a home below the relay and in a once populated temple of a crazy cult, I couldn’t even describe the monster to you as i was blind sighted by it. The only thing i know about this creature is that if it were to get close to you, you begin to see the thing you fear the most. I won’t put to paper what my own experience was but take my word in that it was significant.

Deciding that the creature was less important, and wanting to generally get away from this place, we placed some remote explosives at the relay and when we were far away from it the detonor was used to send it sky high. On another side note, i didn’t actually see the explosion, i did feel the blast and the thunder like roar it created, but right as Arim set it off, i had the overpowering urge to turn around and walk away, weird.

Now as I tidy up this letter i feel the ground shaking and another scream/adventure await us. so until i can write again…

Flynn Sileet

Journal of Shadow Mal 13

Entry 156, Day 37, Evening.

The undead showed no coherency in their actions, only dedicated rage. I am not sure where the ‘gang’ moniker came from, but it was clearly misplaced. We entered the mist-shrouded zone and immediately I could feel the oppressive weight of necromancy and unquiet dead upon us. Visibility was poor, a persistent fog being part of the local taint, and we spent most of the day wandering up dead ends and losing our way in the trackless mess. Twice we were set upon by what I believe were poltergeists. They would appear quite suddenly as grisly disassembled bodies, shriek out a magical fear effect, and then reform as incorporeal (but more humanoid) apparitions. Each exposure to the mental assault incapacitated at least one of us, though Harkness’ constructed mind always proved immune to their emotional influence. More, I will not say, as several of our number take great pride in their fearlessness and will, though the way in which Flynn reacted to controlling his fear was quite…odd. Sex and violence are intertwined, I suppose, but it was still very strange when he started flirting with Arim.

Moving on, a battle outdoors and a long trudge through blind mists led us to a shattered and crushed “shuttle.” As is common with these alien ruins it required power to open the door normally, and as is common with broken things it no longer had power within it. Arim use his crowbar and the assistance of our more doughty companions to force the sliding door open enough for entry. We were set upon by more poltergeists which fell with equal aplomb. Fortunately the difficulty in damaging creatures made of fear and ethereal light was matched by their weakness to affect the physical world. Further inside we found rubble, collapsed subsections, MORE rubble, and 4 coffin-shaped containers not unlike the “bed” we rescued Khonnir from in the dungeons below Torch. Inside these coffins were dead bodies (shocking, I know) dressed in what appeared to be heavy, ceremonial armor.

I have since been informed that these coffins were “stasis pods” which can stop time within them, and the armor was neither ceremonial nor designed to protect from external attacks. It seems these “space suits” (are not all suits in, of, and taking up space?) are meant to keep things IN, specifically air and warmth in what I am told is the cold vacuum of space. The void between the stars is airless and cold, which I suppose makes sense, given what I have experienced when flying above the clouds. Once again the power of technology is fascinating, temporal stasis is powerful magic, yet they could produce great quantities of it.

But I digress, the corpses arose, animated by some restless spirits of the area, and were easily put back down, and after looting the ruins we crawled through a half-collapsed passage to what used to be the front of the vessel. We found a small antechamber and another stuck door which Susie believed would lead to the “cockpit” or control-center of the vessel. We forced open the door and found a lonely corpse, rotted away in a chair that faced transparent walls covered in rocks and debris. The body fell to dust, but the dust boiled upward and formed the incorporeal body of a powerful wraith. Once again I am glad that I spent so much money on alchemical supplies, as the best weapon I carried against such a deadly foe were my two bottles of bottled sunlight. The searing brightness of the stored daylight was uncomfortable in such a dark environment, but while I might have been dazzled the beast was rendered completely powerless. Both bottles and some traded blows later it was banished from the world of the living and I was burning my restoration scroll to patch the hole it had ripped in Flynn’s spiritual health. Arim is still suffering from the cold touch of the grave but I cannot heal his injury without supplies and help.

Harkness tried fleeing the wraith, strange considering his immunity to fear, but his motivations often seem odd to me. Any “punishment” for such cowardice was meted out immediately when he was assaulted by a will-o-wisp, alone, in the stasis coffin chamber. The aberration fed off of fear, it seems, and had somehow been enjoying the terror that the undead spirits had been feeling (and/or generating in others). It blamed us for killing its food source, though how the screaming dead were any safer than simply sucking on the fear and horror of everyone still living in this blighted anarchic pit of a town escapes me. Despite the wound in his soul, Arim used his natural resistance to soak most of its electrical attacks and repeatedly shoot it with his bow while the rest of us mostly flailed ineffectually at the flying monster. It was devilishly fast, but eventually its luck and speed ran out.

After all of this, I could sense a lightening of the burden of this area, while I have no doubt that haunts and horrors remain in the mists I believe that, for now at least, the dead have come to rest. We shall camp in the shuttle tonight, as the night fast approaches and those of us with spells are tapped out.

Also of note were the items left on the mortal remains of the pilot. The first was some sort of technological weapon that is believed to work against technological spirits. I confess it is mostly over my head. The second was a recording device that trapped the final words and testament of its owner. He spoke of his attempted escape from a Unity-controlled Divinity and their plan to try and destroy or disable Unity. Obviously this plan did not work, but we kept both devices in case they prove useful later.

Closing thoughts; as much as they hurt, I need to get more bottled sunlight, the price is clearly justifiable.

Entry 157, Day 38, Afternoon.

It is funny how quickly things can be turned on their head.

After a relatively quiet night we broke camp and began fumbling our way out of the dead mists. I finally badgered Flynn into sharing that letter he received 2 weeks ago when we were meeting his family and embarrassing him thoroughly. It was troubling news.

It began with word of an “elf witch of fiendish heritage” and went on about how “the elf bitch” (or presumably “I”) would betray him. It also warned him not to trust “the dreams,” and spoke of his order (of knights, presumably) that hunted and fought against evil fiends. He signed the letter “Sigfried,” a name whose meaning seems familiar, but I cannot place.

Ironically, since I have never discussed my past or the demon-dealing family that bore me or even my true gender, everyone else defaulted to the assumption that it was in reference to Susie. She is a female elf, she is a witch, her parents were killed by and later exhumed by unknown, fiendish entities. Indeed, it is possible that this “order” was referring to her, but even if these well-meaning zealots are not hunting me, I have little doubt they would find me while searching for her. Getting burned at the stake by a good guy who is confused is little better than being tortured to death by a bad guy, all-in-all.

I spent the morning filled with these and darker thoughts, and asking if both myself AND my friends would be better served by my graceful (and very public) exit so that the hunters would leave them along and my trail would be harder to find. As I brooded, we made our stumbling way back to the part of scrapwall we refer to as “civilization.” When we finally broke out into the open air we were greeted by Delora. She had given our last few romps a miss, preferring to stay behind and work on a ballad regarding our story, and was last staying with Redtooth’s raiders. She came to us because it seems that yesterday a trio of humanoids, possibly magically-disguised, came sniffing around for someone matching Flynn’s description. My heart sank, surely it was his knightly allies trying to rescue him and I would have to flee into the hills.

We had little time to discuss this, of course, before they made their appearance, and this is where all of my assumptions proved inaccurate.

The first thing I noticed was transmutation on their auras, NOT illusion, and though I did not realize it until later, the nostalgic tang of ozone on the air revealed promise of lightning in their demeanor. They hissed demands that “Sileet” be turned over to them, and that they would not kill the ones they were not hunting. Though I found later I was on their list, the fact that I did not even bear mentioning was also unexpected.

After negotiations (such as they were) broke down, the trio revealed themselves with a crack of thunder and a mighty roar. Three blue dragons, large but still in their first century, assaulted us. The battle was fierce, and their lightning blasts hurt when they found their mark, but we survived and they did not. Being typical of their race and pride, they carried no gear, but one of them had a crumpled letter that revealed their motivations.

I have translated the text as best I can, though the dialect of draconic and the script were difficult to decipher and some words and names just do not work without a forked tongue:

“Great Phiqaac the Mighty,

I have some news for you, oh great scaly one, I believe I have found the Electi (took some time to recall this one, the closest translation is ‘Chosen One’). It seems that it was hiding in a town called Hajoth Hakados, in the human providence (province?) of Numeria. From what I can tell, the Order had been obfuscating it from our vision. However, the Caelestia (ancient version of “celestial” but with broader meaning, probably includes paladins serving good gods) ones seem to have activated it. Since then my spies has (sic) uncovered its actions.

It is a human, surname Sileet or some such thing. I can never get the human ‘S’ sound right, The Order does seem to have contacted him, but they are keeping their distance. Despite those zealots hating us, as always their work will help our cause more than hinder. The fools.

That said, there is something of concern. It appears the female elf child of Zestixtromu appears to be one of his companions. She keeps the group they travel in ignorant of her true nature; plays at not even knowing anything at all about her more interesting history.

This may work to our advantage, as while Zex’s hand is obviously at work on the Electi, it is so subtle at this point that it could be easily disrupted. One wonders what certain noble elves might make of the knowledge that there is a last scion of House Maerret. I figure a few words in the right ears and this situation will quickly be resolved.

Lastly, I send you this information as a courtesy. Our agreements still hold. But if at all possible, try to hide this information from your brood. Some of your spawn to not impress me with their wisdom and may try something foolish if they had this knowledge.

I will speak with you at the next conclave.


After reading this aloud, Arim said that it was quite a lot of proper nouns which held no meaning to him whatsoever. My trained paranoia fought tooth and nail with my loyalty to my friends, and ultimately lost. I explained who and what my father was, the ignominious and monstrous (and very dead) family his spirited me away from, and what words like “electi” and “caelestia” mean. After over a month, almost all of my secrets were lost in a few moments.

After this series of revelations, Flynn had one of his own. A dream came to him some months ago, presumably the same sort of dream Sigfried warned against, wherein a male voice and a female voice, making clear their positions as speaking for Apsu and Tiamat, held a panel discussion on ethics and his future, and what choices he might make or should make. I offered my congratulations, my condolences, and my support. History and legend state rather clearly that being The Chosen One is rarely a fun job, but we can only soldier on.

I do not feel unburdened per se, but the weight has shifted. All this time I was concerned I would bring trouble down upon the heads of my allies, but it seems my allies (except perhaps Vidon) have just as many targets on their own backs. Moreover I am concerned for my father. It seems unlikely he intended for this outcome, he has his gambits but he does not play Xanatos Roulette. More to the point all the players revealed in the letter are extremely circumspect about this whole business. Still, ‘Apsu guides and effort provides,’ as the saying goes…

After the fight and the reading, Susie and Vidon decided to “harvest” the bodies of our enemies. On the one hand life consumes life, power is power, and a body is just a body. Rationally and religiously there is no fault in their actions, but cutting up a dead dragon just feels wrong, like selling my own father into slavery or eating a dead elf. I excused myself from the flensing and try to avoid looking at it.

Another reading of Flynn’s letter gives me pause. Twice over it mentions “her true father.” If I am the “elf bitch” surely my “true father” is dead. If it refers to Susie why is she being targeted by an Order involved in the dealings of dragons? Always more questions, always more dangers.

And yet, I am certain I am right where I am supposed to be.

In any event, after getting smacked around by dragons we decided to retire for the day, and will assault the receiver array tomorrow morning.

Entry 158, Day 39, noon.

The Dominion is here, at least if Harkness’ old journals an be trusted.

We arrived at the receiver array to find horror. The untouched and decaying corpses of chokers were bad, but you come to expect such things when adventuring and we did know they had been slaughtered by their “god” when Meyanda’s plot failed. But there was something else, a dark weight on the soul, an oppressive sense of ancient and alien evil seemed to radiate from the building. We approached with caution, stabbing the occasional corpse to check for undead. When we reached the first door the mental attacks began. Whatever it was could strike while nearly impossible to see, and it alternately poked and probed at our thoughts and struck us down with hallucinations and mental images of horror and death. Trying to erode our sanity while constantly moving and being nearly impossible to see, let alone chase.

On reflection, I wonder how many of the dead chokers were killed by this beast, or each other, after it whipped them into a frenzy and ripped their own ability to reason from them.

After several minutes of cautious advance and weathering a hit-and-run mental assault, Harkness spotted the beast, charged it with full speed and shot it several times with his laser. He also got one good look at it. Like an inky-black flumph with a single enormous green eyeball in the middle of its body, it lashed weakly with its waving tentacles before flying away again. I can only assume it had some brand of magical invisibility, but we seemed to drive it away after that. The oppressive sense of doom and evil left, at least, and we saw no more of it or its mental assaults. According to the oldest entries of Harkness’ journal it, or creatures like it, came aboard the Divinity during their cataclysmic battle with the Dominion of the Black, a blasphemous force of insane aliens serving ruinous and impossible ends, deep within the Dark Tapestry beyond the stars.

In spite of these battles and mishaps, we are in good shape. Arim and Harkness spent some time fiddling with and arguing about placement of the cylex, and once they finish playing around with the detona-

My goodness, that was quite an explosion. The receiver array and most of the structure that housed it have joined the trackless rubble that surrounded them. Since we are in good health and better spirits, we are off to pick a fight with the mad servants of a self-styled god. If we are lucky, most of their mooks and minions will be checking out the explosion instead of forming ranks and standing in our way.

Or we may be running away from a large and angry army, hard to say.

Vidon meets Flynn's friends and neighbors.
Dragons? REALLY,Flynn!

We finally make it out of the stupid mist to find 3 men waiting for us. They tell us that if we give them Flynn they will let the rest of us go. After what I just went through if Flynn hadn’t of been such a help on this trip I might have considered it, but not now. I also hear one of them say they smell the Elf. But they aren’t looking toward Susie but toward Mal. Strange.

When I look over at Flynn he seems to be considering surrendering. Doesn’t he realize that surrendering isn’t an option? So I do what I must….I CHARGE!

I aim for the middle man and swing. Another strange thing happens the ones on either side change shape. INTO DRAGONS! Blue ones to be specific. Then the middle one does too. We unprompted decide to concentrate our attacks on one at a time. Arim and Mal have been trying to drill that into my head for a while now. In this instance I see the benefit of doing so. Between Mal and Susie they manage to keep me on my feet through the fight which helps our side. After the fight when all three are dead we skin and pull some teeth. I am thinking armor and weapons.

Then we move to the antenna array. We search the building. I follow Arim to watch his back. As we don’t know what we will find. Oh on our way there we run across Helion’s Mouthpiece again with another invite. Arim pacifies him somewhat and we continue. This building is multiplicative so once we get into the upper levels we find a floating octopus that disappears. Arim goes up on the roof to place the charges and Harkness goes with him. I tried but I am not so good on ladders. We leave the building and move some distance away before we set the charge off. Mainly because we have never used this stuff and didn’t know how much to use. It makes a very loud noise. I would be surprised if the people in Torch didn’t hear it. After the dust and debris cleared we heard a roar and then the running of many feet. I think we are about to meet the Lords of Rust and Helion whether we want to or not. We will see if I am around to continue this journal afterward.

Letters Home
letter 10 (Ghost Ship)

Dear mom and dad…

FUCKING GHOSTS!!!! we started off the trek into the vessel as best we could on conditions we were given. Fog covered the area and we were ambushed by two dead bodies that were able to instill fear into over half our party members. Not really accustomed to seeing the people I’ve been traveling with in fear was a real eye opener to how human, relatively speaking, they are. Quickly dispatching them caused the fear in he party members to dissipate.

Making our way to the ship we were encountered with a few more of the same creatures which were waiting at the entrance for us. this time however the roles of fear was reversed, and sad to say i was effected this time. On that note I can’t recall the rest of the fight so i will just skip right along.

Entering the ship we encountered a room with pods much like the ones in the smiler base. unlike before the monsters that came out of the pods this time were more zombie than mutant. Honestly this town is weird and i look forward to leaving as soon as possible. BUT THAT IS NOT WERE THE FUN ENDS (Heavy sarcasm).

After killing the zombies we started to explore and 3 of our party found the room where the captain of this ship died. THIS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS!!! Once the fighting started it became clear that the captains lingering soul became phantom or a wraith if you will. I won’t go into painful details of the action, or lack there of, taken by each of our party. But on a side note i got to thank our local cleric, if not for is quick thinking and resourcefulness a lot of us would have died.

Once the fighting was over we found a spirit and wouldn’t you know it. we had to slay that as well. Mainly because it got its food of the fear of others. Now we are heading back to town and about to do thinks i can’t speak of. Until next time.

Flynn Sileet

How did I become the combat specialist? Apr 25th

Having bought some time from the Lords of Rust, i hope, we headed down this haunted path to some kind of ghost space ship. The fog in this area is incredibly thick and i can barely see what is in front of my face. Suddenly 2 disembodied torsos apepar besides screaching some terrifying curse. While I can claim I didn’t wet my pants like Susie did or go running off into the darkness like Vidon did, I tried to hide behind Flynn. Unbeknownst to me, Flynn is flamingly gay as I discovered when he insisted I check out his ass. So i spent the next couple minutes hiding behind Mal. Sadly she is not built like a burly barbarian, but it is better than my alternatives. I don’t think Flynn realizes I’m engaged or that she is capable of casting some pretty nasty spells.

We get into the ship and 3 more of these horrific undead appear. I’m not a fan of the undead at all. A smaller problem with the ship is that everything is depowered. Though the judicious use of my friendly crowbar gets everything open. I wonder if it would be possible to expand Harkness’s planned construction area to include a spot where I’ll be able to communicate with this entity in the crowbar. I’m not entirely sure what it wants or whether it is truly intelligent enough to have a real conversation, but it could prove very enlightening.

We go into a room that is supposed to be some kind of hibernation chamber. I knwo of these things, but my ability to truly understand them isn’t there yet. I think Harkness will someday. I investigate this tombs, but some strange skeletons walk out of them. After the fight the space suits are still intact and seemingly charged. I can’t say i really want to get that far off the ground. A fly spell wouldn’t be bad, but anything over a few hundred feet would be scary. On the plus side they also have some access cards we haven’t seen before. these could prove real useful.

We go into the pilot’s chamber and the gust of fresh air that accompanied us into the room caused his body to quickly disintegrate. Unfortunately his spirit came back almost instantly a some kind of demonic spiritual essence. Flynn gets hammered horribly by this thing and Harkness ran away.

We were able to beat the spirit, but it hurt a lot. To make matters worse Harkness attracted another abomination as he ran away. While this one was of the living sort, it was incredibly small, fast and zapped people with some kind of electrical charge. I was feeling a bit sick from the last fight, but i was basically uninjured. At this point my combat skills took what could have been a casuality filled fight into a relatively easy match. One of the blessings of my heritage is an inherent resistance to electrical charges, which was the only thing this creature could do. I am really good at hitting things with my bow, I just don’t cause wounds they care about, but this things defense was all about avoiding wounds and I was able to hit it. Lastly it spoke Aklo, which is a language i can speak, so I taunted it during our fight keeping it focused on me.

We now head off to this power relay with our newly acquired explosives. This adventure has confirmed that I’m better of negotiating with people than fight them, I still feel sick from our last fight.

Vidon vs the Ghosts.

We decided to go get the explosives from where the other ship had crashed. As we entered the area there was an increase in the amount of fog and visibility dropped to about the length of your arm. Several apparitions appeared and scared the bejesus out of me. When I turned to look at Arim I fled just as far and fast as my legs would take me. So I don’t know much of what happened after I ran away. I do know I am ashamed of myself for doing that. I don’t know how I will restore their faith in me.

The fear I felt finally wore off and I sheepishly returned to where the others were. We continued on and found the ship. My memory isn’t very good today for some reason, but I do know we found the explosives. We also found the main control room and a skeleton of the pilot draped over the control board, at least until his ghost rose up and tried to kill all of us. We fought several different apparitions some incorporeal and some corporeal. It seems that my axe does work on incorporeal creatures as well as constructs.

We are set to go take out the antenna now. But do we do that first or do we go see what Hellion wants? I will keep my mouth shut as I don’t feel very confident after my actions in Ghost town.


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