Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Harkness side note 12
ScarpWall's Black Market

I Was thinking for a lawless place filled with gangs you would think there would be a black market of some sort but there’s not. I was think maybe we could establish a neutral grounds within scrapwall. After dealing with these Lords of Rust. Where you could trade or sell armor, arms, and other crafts. From what I heard the scrapwall residents don’t like the Technic League and you know that saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Though I wouldn’t call anyone from scrapwall a friend more like acquaintance. I will ask Arim but I highly doubt he would like to work with these people let alone arm them.

Letters Home
letter 6

Dear mom and dad,

We would get to Aldronard’s Grave with a few more days of travel. Nothing of note as we moved north, which was a nice change of pace considering that trouble finds us wherever we seem to go. Sadly this trend wouldn’t last long.

Upon getting to the Grave we found it had been ransacked by a group called “Smilers” which, trust me these guys are better off dead than alive and hurting more people. At first glance the outpost looked normal except for the fact that it was bordered up. The Smilers which were posing as guards tried to refuse us so that they could take their time killing off the rest of the captives inside. However we were able to argue that their Goddess wouldn’t tell them to refuse… you know what short version of the scenario. We talked our way in, they “TRIED” to ambush us, we kicked the sodding piss out of them and proceeded to rescue the remaining captives and let them deal with the bandits as they saw fit. The only thing of note was that their initial assault was rather impressive, but a good start doesn’t mean much compared to a strong finish.

We stayed the night and learned form the the Cleric that the namesake of the outpost, which use to be a paladin for the Goddess worshiped at this location, actually haunts the sight at night. Needless to say, we stayed away from this phenomenon. We set out the next day to Scrapwall too try and snuff out any other members of this bandit group that might be in the city.

Side note, LIE when the guards ask A) why you are there? and B) if you plan to kill anyone?ALWAYS ANSWER “NO!!!”

We met with a nice lady in the city that doesn’t like the Smilers and I shouldn’t write more about that until I am out of Scrapwall.

We found information on one of the main members of the Smilers but we are waithing for night fall to approach his mansion. This dude by the way has 3!!! hawks. Compensation for something maybe? So until dusk comes we started to wait. In that time i gut into a discussion with Harkness about the difference between profiling a person, which in the right company allows those involve to speak of common negative misconception that could allow for banter between party members, and racism, a form of hateful speach that only allows for hatred to form between those talking to each other.

It was at this point that i “THINK” some some trying to talk to us about something , weather it was for directions or they were mugging us i simply can;t remember. It was over so quickly that I can barely recall the guys faces at all.

An hour or so went by and something exciting happened. My friends’ and I were attacked by 8-9 Orcs! I will admit that it did take a bit out of the party to defeat them but I think it was worth it. Also after the battle, i had the pleasure of hearing people passing by TRY to explain an LARGE DWARF!!! Hilarious.

Anyway, we are about to get moving toward the target. I’ll update you guys about my good health and hopeful sucess in the next letter.


Vidon continue's to be helpful.
We arrive at Aldronard’s grave

We finally arrived at the place called Aldronard’s Grave. However, when we approached the gate we were told we could not enter as there was plague inside. The guard’s were wearing their helmets with the visor’s down. Seemed sort of odd to me. I asked if their Goddess didn’t accept the offer of help from other warrior’s. They opened the gate to allow us to enter and said we were warned. Again somewhat odd. Flynn and I and a couple of others made it inside when we heard a click as the Portcullis was released and it dropped on Delora. There were 5 of them all with their visor’s down. Off to the side was one I guessed was their leader. He was an ugly looking sucker. He had no lips whatsoever. I decided he was my target for the day and attacked. I have little use for talk when action is called for. Initially the others had spears and shields, but they soon dropped those props and pulled their real weapons pistols. The Leader threw a round object that exploded when it landed and most of the party were very sick after that.

Harkness used his light throwing boomsticks to take out some of the guards as I concentrated on the leader. We managed to knock out 2 of the guards and their Leader. They interrogated one of the guards and found out who they were and where the survivors of the keep were held. I heard that Flynn offered to inflict the guard with his tumor and that loosened the guards mouth quite well. We went to the tower and found 4 of the keeps guards tied up inside. We cut them loose and told them to do as they wanted with the prisoners we took. The Paladin leader came back wiping blood off of his sword and I gathered that the prisoners had been disposed of.

We found out all we could about Scrapwall before we went to the gate. I think Mal managed to talk our way in and we met one of the gang leaders. As we traveled through the twisting “streets” we were met by a group of 9 Orcs that claimed to be from the Lords of Rust. That is the name of the ruling council here in Scrapwall. I have no patience with Orcs and told them they could leave or die, it was their choice. The Orcs decided to be stupid and try attacking. Eight dead Orcs later as I swung at the head of the last Orc I shifted my aim and gave him a close haircut. I told him it could have been his head. He decided he didn’t like his present chances and dropped his weapon. We let him live and leave. We found a place to rest but it didn’t last long. It seems our fight with the Orcs spread rather quickly cause soon 8 Ogres appeared and demanded we turn over all of our gear. Needless I dislike Ogres as much as I dislike Orcs. So a protracted fight ensued. Susie helped me out again with a growth spell and Mal made my Axe catch fire for a while. Delora sang which also helped. These were a little bit more trouble than the Orcs. They took a couple of good hits to drop them. However, my training in how to fight the hill giants helped me keep from getting knocked down as much as in the past.

We finally ended the fight and we will try to go back to sleep. I will let the smarter ones in the party figure out what we do next. I will make suggestions when I think it might help. Basically I am the Brawn to their Brains.

Harkness Journal (Life 234) Entry 13
The Crusaders and entering Scrapwall

When we arrived to the crusader fort we were asked to leave because of a disease. Which was bizarre because I was told paladins and clerics could heal disease. When we expressed we need to see them they lifted the gate. As we were approaching they dropped the gate on us. Most of us made it a crossed but Delora was pinned and it pierced her leg. I started the fight with a laser shot and they seemed to drop there weapons and used pistols. Their leader was a man with no lips and body modification. He had a missing hand and replaced it with a hatchet. He threw a poison bomb which nauseates it victims. A few of us were effected but it wasn’t that bad. We took them down and found out the crusader we’re at the tower tied up. The others also found out there were different sets of gangs in scrapwall all being controlled by these Lords of Rust.

We rested for the night and started to head our way to scrapwall. We arrived at the gate where we were confronted by a woman who lead a set called the Steel Hawks. Arim asked her if we could enter. She was hesitant at first but she let us in. We told her about the group of smiles we encountered at the fort and we told her we could take care of her appointed leader. She agreed but we weren’t going to get any help and if we’re caught she would deny any involvement. We went our separate ways and headed for the smile base. On the way we ran into a group of Orcs who tried to shake us down. We killed most of them but alot of people were looking at us. Again we rested then we were assisted by ogres. I threw one of the posion gas to keep them at bay lucky we were in a corner and only a few could swipe at us. It took a while but we slowly killed them one by one until a few ran off. This place is indeed anarchic.

Letters Home
dad 1

Hey dad.

in my last letter I left a few things out. I didn’t want mom to find out because at tiafraid for my life then would need have her more afraid for my life then would need be. That’s why I’m telling you a few things that also occur but I didn’t include in my previous letter.

the truth is the flesh monsters that attacked uswe’re bigger than I let my other letter mention. Fighting three of them at once studly left me with a little bit of a dilemma. During our about my left arm contracted a disease from one of the monsters and for the time being my left arm has a form of cancer. The reason we are heading to algernons grave is because myself and one other companion we’re hit with the same disease at now we seek to rid ourselves of it before consumes us. Currently I have the fortitude to keep it at bay but I don’t know how long that will last. Also while we were heading up the river to get to our destination 3 demons came out of the water and tried to capture us.we were able to slay two but because of the situation the last one was thrown back into the river to help in lowering their numbers. We should be at the grave tomorrow and hopefully this cancer gone with this anxious feeling I am having.

Will write to you both as soon as I have more positive things to write about come along.

Proudly your son

Letters Home
letter 5

dear mom and dad.
its been about two days since my last letter and I feltthat you guys would like an update after the bandithideout. Well as it would turn out and the Bandit staff were extorting that town people was from a disgraced Noble to a town somewhere in the north. he and his men were given two options by our group either leave or we would have to fight. Of course you would choose to fight instead of solving this peacefully.

the fighting and sued and we chased him all the way to the lower levels of his base where we picked off any stragglers that might have held any heart for his cause. However we noticed that there were three Lesh like monsters that upon taking even a single glance would have a seasoned soldier turning is hail and running away. After recruit me and resting we face the monsters with as much courage as mustard and then back to whatever abomination created such creatures. We informed the town folk that the bandits were no longer a problem. And soon after we are now heading to Algernon great. It’s a little close to scrap well but I’m sure that will pull through.

wishing you to all my love

Susie's Actions from 2/7/15

First the good news. This place is amazing. One could definitely make a not so smallish base out of this facility. I don’t know what all we have here as far as equipment, but most of it is technological in nature and most of it seems to be in working condition. Not only that, but I seem to have a knack ( for working with these technological items that have collected dust over the millennium. Talking with the other people it seems that we can use this equipment to manufacture items in the future. Although we don’t have the necessary skills at this time, there is definite interest within the group to learn how this equipment works and utilize it in the future. How does one go about laying a claim to a spaceship? Obviously we didn’t build it, but at the same time we have removed most of the prior inhabitants.

Which leads me to the bad news. What are those things? They look like blood warts that can hop around. They are definitely large, can take a beating and have a number of special defenses. Not only that, but if my intuition is correct, if they are attacked in the wrong manner they will grow larger and can multiply themselves just by being in combat. We were able to subdue them, but those things are ruthless. That being said, having a couple trained ones would make great guard dogs. I just don’t think they are intelligent enough to be trained in that manner. I don’t think they have even a basic intelligence, just instinct. A couple of us got diseased, but hopefully this Paladin base we are heading to will provide us with the necessary healing.

We were able to convince the boat captain to take us to the Paladin base, but we were attacked at night by some water based demons it would appear. Fortunately there are a couple androids in the group who don’t sleep otherwise it may have been over before we knew it even began. The battle was not going well, sometimes I wish I could do more than indirectly help these guys. I don’t know if we got lucky or if we found their achilles heel, but they seemed susceptible to sleep. Good thing too because if we had to kill them all without being able to put them to sleep things sure could have gone badly. The expression on the one that got thrown overboard was priceless. We always talk about doing that to someone, but this time we actually did it. I have always knew some things needed silver to be harmed, everyone has heard the tale of lycanthropes and vampires, but putting silver coins into their heads and hammering it into their brains? Brutal and disgusting, but I guess if it works it is hard to complain. What other things will I learn by adventuring with these guys?

Susie's Thoughts from 2/7/15

Delora continues to prove that she has a beneficial member of the party, I just wish I knew what her long term intentions are. She used to know Harkness, but how does the current Harkness compare to the one she used to know. Is there any way for Harkness to tell us about Delora? Things to ponder in the future.

I still need to find out who this patriarch is that enables me to hex my opponents. Is this a mutually beneficial relationship? Am I somehow hurting myself or helping a malevolent entity by taking the actions I do? We found an entrance to the Darklands in this smallish spaceship. Could this be where my patriarch resides? Although the name is foreboding and the aura given off by the entrance is definitely one of power and danger, does that mean everything there is evil? I know what this entity can do and only Fluffy knows just how powerful the boons it can bestow. Is a blessing from an evil entity that helps you defeat evil a good thing or a bad thing? We definitely need more experience before we go into the Darklands and perhaps we need better/different gear. But this is definitely a place that we need to keep on our maps as we may find ourselves coming back here in the future.

Harkness side note 11
Other weapons than science can offer

These devils proved to be quite a challenge to think my laser pistol was deflected. Mal water seemed to have a great effect on them. When I asked him how his water hurt them. He replied by saying the water was special. The water was blessed by one of these world deities that fights off evil.

This has got me thinking that my scientific weapons are adequate and efficient but some thing even science still can’t do. So I’ve decided to properly equip myself with other means of defense and offense weapons. I’ll ask the crusader what demons and devil are weak against and start preparing for them next time. We meet anything to this sort. I’ve also started to study different religions in this world to get a grasp on this logic.

Harkness Journal (Life 234) Entry 12
Tumorous blobs and S&M Devils

After disposing of the make shift army we search the basement. We found the forge and there was some sort of tunnel which lead to a place the others refereed to as the darklands. There were some blobs there that just eat and grow. So we decided it would be a good guard dog so we left it. The next morning we heard loud banging on the door and it turned out to be the blobs. They seemed to produce a disease that cause tumors to grow on the host body. Susie and I set up some fire traps and we took our distances. The fight was long and harsh for the other since they could contract the disease. I was able to shoot some of them with the Laser pistol and it seemed to stop there self healing. Mal and Flynn caught the disease from the tumors blobs and we left to seek help from the crusader that are close to scrapwall.

As we arrived to the village they were hesitate because Mal and Flynn but I told them it was not contagious as long as they keep their distance. It took some convincing but the captain allowed us to board as long as we watched Mal and Flynn.

Later on as we rested some blue devils covered in piercings and chains attacked us. For so.e reason they didn’t fully harm us they seemed to try to knock us out and take us some where. We fought hard but nothing seemed to work that’s when Mal threw water at them and it did something because they cried out in pain. We were able to kill to and stuff silver on them which apparently hurts them and threw the other off the ship. We now head to the crusader camp to find someone to heal Mal and Flynn. I hope we can find someone soon or they are goners.


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