Vidon Fatesapper

A sturdy Dwarf Barbarian that absolutely cannot stand clockwork creatures or robots.


He stands about 4’5", has gray hair, amber eyes, and a ruddy complexion.

He is wearing a Chain Shirt, and carrying a light wooden shield. His primary weapon is a very ornately decorated Dwarven Waraxe that has a Damascened scene of underground battles done in silver on the blade. It is made of Adamantine. He also carries a Morningstar, 2 light hammers, 2 daggers, a short bow and 20 arrows. He also has his original Dwarven Waraxe that he brought with him from Taggoret, but the Adamantine one is his weapon of choice for now.


The “encounter” that lead to him being a barbarian was an evil cleric, of an obscure god. He used to a clockwork construct to attack Vidon’s home. After witnessing a close friend, and/or early crush, be killed by the construct, he lost control. Consumed by grief and rage, Vidon lifted a near-by sledgehammer, and felled the soulless automaton in one titanic swing.

Surprised, the cleric unleashed smaller constructs and clockwork/undead hybrids at him. However, Vidon’s act rallied the other townsfolk, and with their help he destroyed the mechanical sorcery. Vidon was in a fury-blinding haze, and could only think to destroy. In the confusion the cleric escaped, and when Vidon couldn’t find him, he turned on his family and friends. Luckily, they were able to subdue Vidon before he did too much damage, but to this day his mother walks with a slight limp.

Filled with overwhelming guilt, and unsatisfied vengeance, Vidon left home and tried to track the cleric. Unfortunately his woodcraft was lacking back then, and he got lost quickly. Too stubborn to return home, and too ignorant to survive comfortably, he would have become quite feral. Thankfully, Vidon’s brother always kept an eye on him.

His family didn’t blame Vidon, and knew his shame, so they let him be. His brother simply visited Vidon when he could, bringing food and stories, staying the night, and then giving Vidon privacy for some more days. What he did was give Vidon sanity.

One day, a Kellid druid passed through Vidon’s territory. He was old and near the end of his life, but ironically, Vidon was near the same age. The druid could sense the deep pain inside Vidon, and decided to retire in his company. He taught Vidon how to live off of the land, and the balance of nature. More importantly, he recognized the animalistic rage that brewed inside of Vidon, and taught him ways to control his anger.

The truth is, Vidon was afraid. Afraid of what would happen if he returned to his home; would he lose control and attack his family again? The druid taught Vidon how to, not control, but to direct the rage into something constructive. In doing so, he helped Vidon heal a wound he didn’t even know existed, one that had been festering as Vidon tried to deny his primal instincts.

During this time, Vidon’s brother made more frequent visits. Vidon was glad for them, as well as grateful, as he knew the his brother was putting his merchant business on hold, to spend this time with Vidon.

One day, the druid peacefully died in his sleep. Vidon said his goodbyes, and knew that it was finally time to return to his family and friends, after so long. The next few years were much better for him. Reuniting with his family and realizing all was forgiven, and had always been. He was able to use his wood craft to help the town patrol and scout the near-by territory. This earned him the gratitude of the townsfolk; the town children saw him as a folk hero, and constantly begged him for stories of the creatures he encountered. His brother became engaged to a comely and plump Dwarven maiden, and soon Vidon was an uncle. Truly these were the happiest days of Vidon’s life.

Sadly this has come to an inconclusive end. A few months ago, Vidon’s brother supervised a major arms shipment to Mendev. This was a point of pride for the whole town, and while the profit margin was lower than normal, the importance of the shipment made his brother feel the need to personally ensure it made it the destination.

Unfortunately, he should have returned weeks ago, and the town began to worry. Vidon knew his brother would never give up on him, and Torag curse all of Vidon’s days if he wasn’t going to do the same for his brother. Vidon left his nieces with a solemn promise; that he would find their father, or avenge him, no matter how long it took. And he left to follow the caravan’s trail.

After much tracking and asking around, he reached Numeria, with a lead pointing him towards the town of Torch. Numeria bewilders and unsettles Vidon, as he hears stories, and learns about robots. They remind him too much of the clockwork horrors that killed his friend. Never the less, his brother is missing, and Asmodeus himself could not stop Vidon from finding him.

Days from Torch, Vidon was ambushed by bandits, lead by a Gnoll with a cybernetic arm. This turned out to be a poor choice on the part of the bandit leader. As seeing the mechanical apparatus was more than enough stimulus for Vidon to focus his rage into an alarming fury. Using his barbarian speed, he rushed past the surprised bandits, and clove the bandit leader in one swing. Shocked, the other bandits fled, and Vidon took the leader’s weapon as a trophy.

Yesterday night, Vidon entered Torch, and stayed at the inn. Too tired and hungry to inquire about his brother, he just ate and listened in the common room. The rumors he heard have unsettled him indeed. More talk of these “robot” demons beneath the town. Some mad man named Khonnir, actually brought one back up with him. Also, some nonsense about the forge being extinguished, though why they don’t just relight it, Vidon can’t imagine.

After a restless night, filled with formless, mechanical nightmares, Vidon began to dig for information. He learned that the only person who might know where the caravan went next, is none other than the same manic that brought the robot up from beneath the town. Worse still, he apparently returned to the caves, and has been missing for many days now. That said, Vidon is a little enthusiastic about exploring the caves if it gives him an opportunity to smash some of these constructs.

The adventure starts with him in the market place, purchasing gear for a trip underground.

Vidon Fatesapper

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