Thorgol Glitteriron

He is tall for a Dwarf.


Thorgol wears a well made set of Chainmail. He carries the Glitteriron Dwarven War Axe with a shield with the Glitteriron coat of arms embossed on it. He is 4’8", weighs in at 230 lbs, has Red hair, Amber eyes, and a ruddy complexion.


As Vidon’s older Brother he was responsible for establishing new markets for the family business. The Glitterirons had been traders for several centuries and were branching out into arms and armor trading. Their first attempt was to arrange a shipment to Mendev. Thorgol left with high hopes for a profitable enterprise. However, when he didn’t return on time Vidon felt it was time to go look for his Brother. That trail led him to Torch and the interesting time he had there. Now he learns the trail travels the river so a-boating he will go.

Thorgol Glitteriron

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