Witch. Curses like a sailor!


My parents were what now?


Mom got knocked up by a devil!

Susie expressed some interest in getting a Book Respository to help research her parentage, not sure if it’ll be upgraded to a Magical Respository or not.

1) Buy Flynn a Climber’s Kit, 80gp
2) Flynn spends 4 days earning Labor and 1 day on Goods
3) Susie spends 1 day earning Influence, 1 day on Magic and 3 days on Goods

Net result is 7 Goods, 2 Influence, 8 Labor, 2 Magic,
Book Respository costs 8 Goods, 2 Influence, 7 Labor, 1 Magic
Arim can trade a Labor for a Good. Not sure if he wants the extra Magic capital or not. Book Respository costs 230 gold, 280 if he wants the Magic capital, plus the 80 for the Climber’s Kit.


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