Scrapwall - Sevroth Slaid

Ruler of Steel Hawks and Scrapwall


Sevorth was the leader of a pathetic, but formerly terrifying, gang called the Steel Hawks. Prior to the Lords of Rust arrival they were #1 in town, now they are at the very bottom with their appointed baby-sitter, Birdshit. A group of incompetent buffoons came to Scrapwall one day and wanted in so they could kill Smilers. She tried to teach them a little subtlety, but gave up and just pointed them at the Smilers and Birdshit. It has been proven to be a good choicce as the buffoons had no social skills, but were execptionally good at killing things. Since their departure, the Steel Hawks are once again the rulers of Scrapwall and they have a working relationship with Redtooth’s Raiders.


Scrapwall - Sevroth Slaid

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