Torch/Scrapwall - Dinvaya Lanalei

Reclusive priestess of Brigh


Having lived a secluded life in a corner of Scrapwall, Dinvaya’s days of bliss were rudely interrupted when a party of misfits snuck in her front gate and destroyed her guardians. She is an old friend of Joram’s. He told the misifts to let her know it was safe to come back to Torch, he did not tell them to break everything in sight. She was also an old friend of Wrennie’s and possess the box component of the Music Box which teaches the Song of Extinction. She gave the party the musicbox to keep safe from the Baron and moved to Torch in order to be visible and hopefully detract attention from the misfits.


Torch/Scrapwall - Dinvaya Lanalei

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