Malku Skygge

Wandering cleric of Apsu


Elfy, clericy, and carrying a crossbow and a quarterstaff. Malku Skygge is an archer/support cleric build with kind of wandering stats, a few alternate racial traits, and the exploration domain ability that lets me see through doors.

Has Craft Wondrous Item, but no arcane lab. Enjoys the simple things in life, like good tea, helping friends, looking stylish, and seeing new things. LOVES her magic hat, knows a thing or two about manipulation and magic. Currently fighting off an infection of responsibility that has her trying to save a town and a bunch of NPCs she met within the last 2 weeks.

As a personal quirk, while she keeps a journal of her activities Mal never really details the combat side of her adventures. If asked she explains, “you can get bombastic tales of swords and sorcery in novels, I care about people.”

Also I dress as a dude, but my disguise check isn’t that good. Go figure.


Mal is a Cleric of Apsu. If you don’t know who that is don’t feel bad, the father god of dragonkind is a bit obscure for non-scaly folks to worship, but she says her father taught her to revere him, and she found solace in the faith when she was in a bad place.

She speaks with a strange accent, when asked about it she explains she was traveling abroad with her family for the last 40 years and picked up a bit of the foreign flavor. If pressed she says says Tian Xia is a very complicated place and changes the subject.

For looks, she has light blonde hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. She also wears a hood and robe most of the time, because she’s still adjusting to this northern climate.

She seems to be conflicted, secretly excited about the adventure but convinced such excitement and the adventure itself are irresponsible.

Further experience has given her pause, there’s an evil machine god of hate an insanity on the rise and apparently the Bloody Red Mantis isn’t doing anything about it. Then there’s this Unity chick who may or may not be a sanity-eating machine spirit from distant suns and dark tapestries and may or may not still be around.

Malku Skygge

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