West Bumblefuck - Harkness

Harkness is very intelligent person and is quick to use hihs intellect to resolve problems. This doesn't mean he is a pacifist he will defend his family and friends if threated. Harkness is 6'1 with Midnight Blue hair with strange marking on his body.


Harkness, is a young android who has lived in torch all his life. He has always had a rough time, for some reason or another he has had a hard time judging people. His father was a guardsmen and taught him how to fight since Harkness always got himself into trouble. He later became apprentice to a gunsmith and was taught how to use and make guns.

Harkness his had numerous past lives. He was once an android who was on the run after escaping the Technic League. When he was captured by the Technic League Harkness was able to learn about space technology and alien language before he ran off. Though he doesn’t remember who he previously was, he still knows how to use his skills. With that he looks to his past lives for guidance whenever he is in trouble.

He is a follower of The First a religion among his fellow androids. It is said that the first android to ever live still lives inside some android out in the world. For that it’s a sin to harm or even kill his fellow brethren. Harkness is determined to up hold his fate even though he has no emotions to speak of. He is willing to die fight to protect his brothers and sisters from any harm.

West Bumblefuck - Harkness

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