Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Vidon vs the Ghosts.


We decided to go get the explosives from where the other ship had crashed. As we entered the area there was an increase in the amount of fog and visibility dropped to about the length of your arm. Several apparitions appeared and scared the bejesus out of me. When I turned to look at Arim I fled just as far and fast as my legs would take me. So I don’t know much of what happened after I ran away. I do know I am ashamed of myself for doing that. I don’t know how I will restore their faith in me.

The fear I felt finally wore off and I sheepishly returned to where the others were. We continued on and found the ship. My memory isn’t very good today for some reason, but I do know we found the explosives. We also found the main control room and a skeleton of the pilot draped over the control board, at least until his ghost rose up and tried to kill all of us. We fought several different apparitions some incorporeal and some corporeal. It seems that my axe does work on incorporeal creatures as well as constructs.

We are set to go take out the antenna now. But do we do that first or do we go see what Hellion wants? I will keep my mouth shut as I don’t feel very confident after my actions in Ghost town.



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