Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Vidon meets Flynn's friends and neighbors.

Dragons? REALLY,Flynn!

We finally make it out of the stupid mist to find 3 men waiting for us. They tell us that if we give them Flynn they will let the rest of us go. After what I just went through if Flynn hadn’t of been such a help on this trip I might have considered it, but not now. I also hear one of them say they smell the Elf. But they aren’t looking toward Susie but toward Mal. Strange.

When I look over at Flynn he seems to be considering surrendering. Doesn’t he realize that surrendering isn’t an option? So I do what I must….I CHARGE!

I aim for the middle man and swing. Another strange thing happens the ones on either side change shape. INTO DRAGONS! Blue ones to be specific. Then the middle one does too. We unprompted decide to concentrate our attacks on one at a time. Arim and Mal have been trying to drill that into my head for a while now. In this instance I see the benefit of doing so. Between Mal and Susie they manage to keep me on my feet through the fight which helps our side. After the fight when all three are dead we skin and pull some teeth. I am thinking armor and weapons.

Then we move to the antenna array. We search the building. I follow Arim to watch his back. As we don’t know what we will find. Oh on our way there we run across Helion’s Mouthpiece again with another invite. Arim pacifies him somewhat and we continue. This building is multiplicative so once we get into the upper levels we find a floating octopus that disappears. Arim goes up on the roof to place the charges and Harkness goes with him. I tried but I am not so good on ladders. We leave the building and move some distance away before we set the charge off. Mainly because we have never used this stuff and didn’t know how much to use. It makes a very loud noise. I would be surprised if the people in Torch didn’t hear it. After the dust and debris cleared we heard a roar and then the running of many feet. I think we are about to meet the Lords of Rust and Helion whether we want to or not. We will see if I am around to continue this journal afterward.



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