Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

More of the lower levels with Vidon

More Dark creatures exploding.

We move to the south and run into 6 small creatures like the ones that attacked us earlier. The ones that exploded after they died. There was a taller one that turned out to be a female. Arim went to check the passage. He found a cauldron of bubbling liquid. The general attitude seems to be to let it be until after we deal with the alien.

We find the bodies of Orcs and Ratfolk that appear to have exploded from the inside out. They figure out that the creature that did this was extraplanar and called a Xill. We wind up listening to Arim talking to a Xill. Finding out that she is trapped here by a curse. The Xill has convinced the others of the need to kill Helion now before he escapes. Helion does hit hard. I raged and got into range to attack his guards. Helion had 3 scrap yard robots that went down fairly easily. Mal drops a dark spell and Helion had to come out. He attacked the Xill. Helion dies when we combine attacks.



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