Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Lower in the arena

Exploding creatures?

We went down a set of stairs and ran across another set of monitors. Helion cast a spell that confused the hell out of me. When we opened a door 3 darkly dressed small creatures attacked. As the others killed the creatures I tossed them over the edge to a floor 20 feet below. After all three were dead they exploded and the bodies disappeared leaving their gear behind. We checked the first door to see what looked like a creatures lair.

The second door was closed and had a card reader for a green card. Moving on we opened a third door to see 12 Orcs and an Ettin waiting for us. I think Helion cast another spell…….

I did manage to destroy a monitor before I had to retreat which irked me. I managed to hit my self and to hit the Orc with the chain sword. We got hit with 2 grenades that did a lot of damage. I am worried that I might wind up hitting a party member. I went forward to help take down the Ettin, but it was actually good that I did cause every time I was attacked I attacked that creature. Harkness drew some of the Orcs away and did his usual damage.

Between Dalora, Arim, Mal, and Susie they manage to take down the rest of the Orcs while I concentrated on Kulgara and her Chainsword weapon. Flynn will take the Chainsword. Arim wants to check out Kulgara’s room. They find some information that Harkness is going to compare his notebook to the journal we found.

They decide to check out the room we couldn’t get into earlier. Flynn opens the door and charges in and gets burned by some robots on either side of the door. Arim and I move in to eliminate the others. Arim is talking to Helion trying to convince him to work with us.



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