Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Letters Home

letter 10 (Ghost Ship)

Dear mom and dad…

FUCKING GHOSTS!!!! we started off the trek into the vessel as best we could on conditions we were given. Fog covered the area and we were ambushed by two dead bodies that were able to instill fear into over half our party members. Not really accustomed to seeing the people I’ve been traveling with in fear was a real eye opener to how human, relatively speaking, they are. Quickly dispatching them caused the fear in he party members to dissipate.

Making our way to the ship we were encountered with a few more of the same creatures which were waiting at the entrance for us. this time however the roles of fear was reversed, and sad to say i was effected this time. On that note I can’t recall the rest of the fight so i will just skip right along.

Entering the ship we encountered a room with pods much like the ones in the smiler base. unlike before the monsters that came out of the pods this time were more zombie than mutant. Honestly this town is weird and i look forward to leaving as soon as possible. BUT THAT IS NOT WERE THE FUN ENDS (Heavy sarcasm).

After killing the zombies we started to explore and 3 of our party found the room where the captain of this ship died. THIS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS!!! Once the fighting started it became clear that the captains lingering soul became phantom or a wraith if you will. I won’t go into painful details of the action, or lack there of, taken by each of our party. But on a side note i got to thank our local cleric, if not for is quick thinking and resourcefulness a lot of us would have died.

Once the fighting was over we found a spirit and wouldn’t you know it. we had to slay that as well. Mainly because it got its food of the fear of others. Now we are heading back to town and about to do thinks i can’t speak of. Until next time.

Flynn Sileet



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