Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Letters Home

Letter 12 (Arena/Underground)

Dear mom and dad,

Our tour of Scrapwall has taken an interesting twist. We were INVITED to the Colosseum and were met with a spectacular crowd. We killed a Lord of Rust before we were allowed to enter the underground. But that’s where things get weird. As we entered the Colosseum’s underground there were four slates with a moving picture on them that could make sound from seemingly no where. But we soon found out that breaking the slates is as effective as breaking bones. Once broken the images on the other side lost all influence on the room.

What comes next is less savory to write about. After the first room, the next was filled with more slates and a horde of minions of Hellion. They were a bit ambitious but that doesn’t replace skill. And before 90 seconds was up, every body had hit the floor. We are currently trying to ransack the rooms and our deed was rewarded with the discovery of a new type of slime. Needless to say we won’t be back for it.

Progressing deeper into the Colossium and don’ think its going to get prettier before it gets worse. Love you both and write when i can.

Flynn S.



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