Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

How did I become the combat specialist? Apr 25th

Having bought some time from the Lords of Rust, i hope, we headed down this haunted path to some kind of ghost space ship. The fog in this area is incredibly thick and i can barely see what is in front of my face. Suddenly 2 disembodied torsos apepar besides screaching some terrifying curse. While I can claim I didn’t wet my pants like Susie did or go running off into the darkness like Vidon did, I tried to hide behind Flynn. Unbeknownst to me, Flynn is flamingly gay as I discovered when he insisted I check out his ass. So i spent the next couple minutes hiding behind Mal. Sadly she is not built like a burly barbarian, but it is better than my alternatives. I don’t think Flynn realizes I’m engaged or that she is capable of casting some pretty nasty spells.

We get into the ship and 3 more of these horrific undead appear. I’m not a fan of the undead at all. A smaller problem with the ship is that everything is depowered. Though the judicious use of my friendly crowbar gets everything open. I wonder if it would be possible to expand Harkness’s planned construction area to include a spot where I’ll be able to communicate with this entity in the crowbar. I’m not entirely sure what it wants or whether it is truly intelligent enough to have a real conversation, but it could prove very enlightening.

We go into a room that is supposed to be some kind of hibernation chamber. I knwo of these things, but my ability to truly understand them isn’t there yet. I think Harkness will someday. I investigate this tombs, but some strange skeletons walk out of them. After the fight the space suits are still intact and seemingly charged. I can’t say i really want to get that far off the ground. A fly spell wouldn’t be bad, but anything over a few hundred feet would be scary. On the plus side they also have some access cards we haven’t seen before. these could prove real useful.

We go into the pilot’s chamber and the gust of fresh air that accompanied us into the room caused his body to quickly disintegrate. Unfortunately his spirit came back almost instantly a some kind of demonic spiritual essence. Flynn gets hammered horribly by this thing and Harkness ran away.

We were able to beat the spirit, but it hurt a lot. To make matters worse Harkness attracted another abomination as he ran away. While this one was of the living sort, it was incredibly small, fast and zapped people with some kind of electrical charge. I was feeling a bit sick from the last fight, but i was basically uninjured. At this point my combat skills took what could have been a casuality filled fight into a relatively easy match. One of the blessings of my heritage is an inherent resistance to electrical charges, which was the only thing this creature could do. I am really good at hitting things with my bow, I just don’t cause wounds they care about, but this things defense was all about avoiding wounds and I was able to hit it. Lastly it spoke Aklo, which is a language i can speak, so I taunted it during our fight keeping it focused on me.

We now head off to this power relay with our newly acquired explosives. This adventure has confirmed that I’m better of negotiating with people than fight them, I still feel sick from our last fight.



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