Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Arim never asked to fight 3 dragons

I thought stuff was relatively well under control and our path forward was clear. We had gotten the explosives from the ship, we had blown up the receiving array and the next stop was to deal with the Lords of Rust. From there we go home and I get to see how Draline is doing. She’s been running things in Torch in my absence and honing her abilities as a enchantress. sadly that all came crashing down today.

We come out and there is DeLaura. She’s been off in the Ratfolk Warrens working on an epic balad to tell about us. She mentions some people had been looking around for Flynn and before I can ask her about the balad, those same people show up. They’re looking for Flynn alright. However it turns out that they are blue dragons shape shifted to appear human. The most horrifying fight of my life ensures and I nearly die from electrocution. Thankfully, Mal saves me. Maybe we should honor this gesture by making a small shrine to her god in Torch. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember which god she worships. I blame the blows to the head and being electrocuted.

Now comes the part where I’m horribly confused
Flynn starts telling us about some secret society in his home town that believes Susie is the devil incarnate. So says the guy who would rather sexually assault a chain devil than defend his life and those of his teammates. Yes Susie curses like a sailor, but her evil eye is nothing compared to what Draline’s does.
Evidently some dragons talked to Flynn in his dreams when he was a kid. One told hime he’d change the world and then a second one came in and she said “Yes, he’ll change it to my desires” Kind of sounds like Draline actually.
Mal is from the elven House Maerret. They used to be known as a bunch of demon worshippers who had sold their soul. Well a bigger demon and his elven house attack them and destroy them. Who knew elves were a bunch of demon worshippers. Maybe he’s a drow in disguise, I’ll need to check.
Mal was brought up by a bronze dragon named Zestrixtramus who decided to redeem the little child. It appears he did a good job. Evidently the blue dragons knew about this and hate him too. Not surprising as the chromatic dragons are always full of hate, especially towards the metallic dragons.
Some unknown group of celestials is assisting us behind the scenes.

My long term plan was to kick out the Technic League, making this country a happier place. Now all this bizzare stuff is coming in and I don’t know where it is going.



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