Iron Gods - Mike Korupp

Arim meets the Lords of Rust and they don't want to be friends.

After walking away from our explosion, it has suddenly occurred to me that this is the kind of stuff Harkness wants to make. I can’t wait until he starts producing large amounts of it and we can go visit the Technic League.

We head to the Collesium and talk to some locals on the way. They inform us that the troll likes to use an ogre powered chariot. While this sounds awesome, i still think the rust monster calvary is better. The populace is true to their word as she hops down and gets her chariot moving. Thankfully the ogres are only normal strength and they sacrifiiced armor for speed. So we are able to shoot them down before she gets up to full speed. She does have an interesting technique where she used a grapel gun to pull people towards her. Susie and DeLaura use a ton of spells and the fight goes pretty easily.

Hellion invites us in after our victory and we do so, fully planning on stomping him into the dirt. We get into a waiting room and he begins talking to us via the monitor. Evidently he his some kind of weird electronic abomination as he lives in these systems and can see through and communicate out of all of them simultaneously. This is very disconcerting as I don’t know how to kill someone who doesn’t have a body and can be in multiple places simultaneously. He also casts a couple spells at us through the screens too.

We encounter the second Lord of Rust, he is the replacement for Meyanda. He is with 16 minions and Hellion is on a dozen screens at once casting spells at us. He also has an image projector which he can communicate through too. Much to our chagrin, Hellioin’s presence in multiple monitors means he can cast multiple spells at once. Surprisingly Mal’s silence spell works normally on him and he spends most of this fight raging at us. I took down the Lord of Rust with an arrow to the mouth as he was attempting to pray to his pathetic idol. Harkness’s gas grenade is incredibly useful against the horde of cultists.

After the fight we begin to search the area and find even more monitors for Hellion to yell at us through. Thankfully he has stopped casting spells at us. As we go around smashing his precious monitors, I tell him we’re here on behalf of the Technic League. While I really hope we find a way to put him down, if he does manage to escape, his anger should be directed their way. We find a shrine to Hellioin that has some kind of unholy scripture. Hellion is searching for something called The Source or The Prime. I believe it is related to the main crashed space ship which resides under Silver Mount the capital. Regardless of what happens here, I see us heading that way someday. However, we have a few other places to visit first.



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